Hello!Just signing around!Sign back when you get a chance please.
Yay! November! What's so special about it again? o.0

I've spoken to you so I'm signing you! Your cool because your getting an Xbox for christmas!
Now to waste space.
ggggggggg]g gg
C ya.
Have a Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween & Guy Fawkes Night!

Here it is as promised - My new Fruits Basket stamp. It may be a little pink, but we both know more than most that pink is a good thing!


~enjoy the Halloween day~

Blah. Happy Halloween to ya!

Shhh! It was my first stamp I've done.

Those Pumpkins Look Horny! =O

Joyous Hallow's Eve
Yes! Yes! I do love Gojyo! That's my man!

Happy Halloween from Daisy and Gojyo!
Dance little Gojyo, dance! Thanks to you I've become obsessed with that German-ish song. o.0


after stamp...

After stamp!

And there you have it - the fantastic tale of me signing your guestbook in typical Enth fashion. Can't wait for the sequel - I hear it's gonna be called "Tom Signs Back"


May the Force be with you.

Zergrush [/Size]

Told you I got a cool new stamp...
Sign me back though, hopefully you got a new stamp than that sonic one

It Be 'National Talk Like A Pirate Day!' Spread The Word!!
Thanx for the avatar don't spose you could make a banner to go with it. J/k anywayz see ya around.

stamped by Super__Vegeta