hey tom just signing your geustbook and piss you off some more first things first my trademark:I am your father see ya in the forums
Hey, Tom. Signing cause you so rudely told me to on MSN. SIGN BACK ! I'll see you around!


Its been cool talking to you and Ronny too.Yeah i am really cool i can't argue with you on that.Your cool too but you better watch that play kiss thingy.Your lucky i don't sign that may GB's either.

How many times is this now...? Seven? XP

Oh welly - Here is my uber Eerie Queerie stamp for you...You should buy EQ, as it is teh roxx0rz (as they say in some parts of the world...I believe the term was originally used by french aboriginals in 1901 while writing the l33t equilivant to the Qu'arn to battle evil space invading Vikings from space...)

~ Enth~

You really don't want me to sign your guestbook? Well, too freakin' bad! You've been signed anyways!!
Heh heh heh. Lookie what we got here. Mwhahahaha! Looks like you're in trouble. XD

Gotcha! I went easy on you...this time.

Yargh, I've signed ye guestbook, Now i've got no real reason to be doing this, just bored and felt you deserved my mightiness in your book.

Anyay, Sign back and see ya around the forums.

Dark Prince Vegeta

You already know who I am but what the heck.

Yes, it's Janembuu! Fear my stamp, Tommex! MUAHHAHA...ehem...sorry about that, my second personality likes to try and sneak out!
Don't sign it? Never!!111!1!1 On meh signing spree. I bet choo wuvv my stamp.

Sign back when choo get the time

i'm on a signing spree to make myself known soo...

Tom Is Making Me Do This, He Has Mr Teddy Is Being Held Hostage In A Bunker 700 cm Below Head Level!!

Now Off I Go To Steal From The Rich And Give To Level 5 Thistle Bears Which Is How They Get Swords Of Doom On Their Person...
"we too feel alone"

Tommex joo ar3 t3h r0Xx0r5!!!!11111one
I like your avatar! FLCL is cool and so is Naota. anyway here`s a stamp for you!
Hello just stamping ppl, i am kinda bored Hope you like my stamps Enjoy!!! Please stamp back if you would like Thanks bunches!!!! Jordan

Finally have a stamp......

- Somebody you might know
hm....swear i'd already done this!!
Nevermind, pwnage!!

Tommex joo ar3 t3h r0Xx0r5!!!!11111one!!!! PRO STAMPAGES!!!


rar inc.
Hi! if your reading this it means i saw you somewhere and guess what?
I'm on a signing spree, random people only!

Well, Take care!

I hope you have the perfect Easter

With lots of wonderful choclate eggs

Theres also religion involved so don't get greedy

And again don't forget to enjoy it.
Try to go easy on the choclate eggs.
And while your at it spread the happyness
Stampped by the one and only
Have A Happy Hallmark Holiday!!!

Hey whats up?Just thought i would sign youre guestbook.Don't forget to sign mine,kapish?Ok this message is smalll so:I hate the 125 character thing!