Fire Emblem: The Mamkute Prince

This is Yaska

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Crescentia is named after it's crescent shape. There are no major cities, but it is very suburbian. The country is linked with many roads and every few miles is a new town. There are many stores and the like, that get very good business from townsfolk and travelers. ASide from that, it's very flat. The southern part is more rural and consists of many farmers. The weather is brilliant there. It's never to hot in the summer, and never too cold in the winter.

20 years ago, the King was assassinated by an assassin from a different country. The King's brother, Thomas, was his younger brother, and lived a life in Southern Crescentia as a farmer. He married a mamkute, and they had a son, Desmond. He was half-human, and half-mamkute. He had their wings, could not become the dragon-like beasts. Thomas was forced into power, and his wife could not bear the thought, so she ran away, without a word. Thomas became a king of a country he didn't want to govern with a son who was criticized for his heritage.

Now, Thomas is older, and has become very used to the throne and the responsibility behind it. Desmond went to school to learn to wield a blade in case Crescentia were to ever be in danger.


Nakloom is the least industrialized of all the countries. There are few small towns, mostly thieves and criminals who seek refuge. It's economy is terrible. It's flat, grassy, with clumps of dirt inbetween. At night, it becomes very foggy and many people get lost, never to be found.

Recently, though, a king came into power, his name is Keith. He was nicknamed "The Bandit King", as he too, was a bandit who wanted refuge. In short time, he formed a small army, mostly of bowmen and thieves, and their economy started to improve as more weapon shops opened in the life of this event. However though, it is still very weak.


Refanno is the youngest of all the countries. It has a very homely & quaint feel to it, and mostly merchants live their. It's quite the tourist spot, with it's endless shops. The economy is better than most, and their are few people in poverty. In fact, almost everyone besides a merchant is a tourist.

The government is lead by the wealthiest merchant. Every five years, some representitives from the government come and count all the merchants earnings. Afterwards, they are added and the 3 wealthiest merchants have campaigns and then the public votes. After a week, the polls close, and the winner becomes the MM, Master Merchant, and with his chosen council, they make decisions. As the country is only 10 years old, we're yet to see if it's successful. So far though, everything seems to be in check.


Calcacia is the port country. Well known for it's ports, trade, beaches, and sailors, it's economy is the best in the entire continent, even better than Tovan, the Empire. Aside from the water, there are lots of hills and to the west is the southern part of the Starr Mountains, a massive mountain range that is perfect for seeing stars in the night.

It's King, Glen, is a large, muscular warrior. Wreckless, but kind. He has 3 sons, Paco, Pancho, and Peo, who have left home to become mercenaries. Peo is the exception, as he is the youngest. However, Paco is the heir to the throne. The army isn't the most impressive, but Cacalcia has many mercenary troops that are loyal, even the most powerful & renowned mercenary troops assist them, such as "Oolong's", a powerful and feared beserker who is a master tactitian and knows Cacalcia, as well as most of Yaska very well. It's take an impressive force to take down Cacalcia.


Tovan is the biggest, and the strongest. Humongous cities are everywhere. It's thick smoke from all the factories engulfs it, and it has very odd sequences of weather, and lots of acid rain.

The government there is an empire. The Emperor, is Kyle. He's known as the "Steel Plate" as he is a very impressive battler. He's not too popular, and is wreckless and greedy. All of his political moves generally aid himself and his army. Despite the poverty that engulfs about half the population.

Their army is the biggest of all the armies. Kyle is also the General and commands his troops with aggression. Not only are his plans offensive, he is very tactical. However, the battles with their army are always bloody and with many casualities. This however, doesn't bother the king.


Named after it's common lunar eclipses, Ecliptica is home to the most intelligent minds in Yaska. It's also well known for it's beautiful lakes, Pegasi, Wyverns, and magic users.

The Church of Dentyne is the leader of Ecliptica. It's a very religious place. The Pope, Lou, is an elderly man, with good spirits, and believes in righteousness and equality. Most of his decisions are more for the benefit of the people.

The army is almost all magic users however there are a good number of Pegasus and Wyvern riders as well. The army is led by Samuel, a Wyvern Lord who is very loyal to his Pope, and his country.


Zanbonia is a sandy desert. Very dry and hot, it's population consists of mostly wandering swordsmen looking for a sparring partner.

The Queen, Jane, is a master of the sword. Most of her people are swift mrymidons as well. Their primary focus is training to become better. There is little poverty, as everyone their is a minimalistic, and don't rely on too much except themselves and their swords. Another popular pastime in Zanbonia is meditating, to attain perfect focus. They have yearly sparring contests to see the best swordsmen of the common town folk. The best, and generally the winner are accepted into the army, which is an honor in Zanbonia.


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Name: Desmond
Age: 20
Class: Mamkute Prince
Affinity: Wind
Weapon Levels: Sword(C)
Inventory: Steel Sword(D), Vulenary.
Starting Stats (Growth Rates)

LVL: 1
HP: 25 (70%)
STR: 7 (50%)
SKL: 5 (60%)
SPD: 6 (80%)
LCK: 2 (30%)
DEF: 4 (60%)
RES: 2 (40%)
CON: 10
AID: 9

Bio: Being born only monthes before his father becoming King, Desmond has lived a good life in the Palace. He studies with the other young knights, and hopes to become a great swordsmen. He's Half-Mamkute & Half-Human, so he is treated slightly different by people, yet his citizens are very fond of him. He's generally happy, but he's he's always aware of his surroundings. Many people in the castle think he should be a spy, as he's so nimble and alert. He however, wants to fight.

Joins In: Prologue(No requirements)

Supports: Davis, Wendell, Chet, Elena, Shaun, Yumi

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Name: Davis
Age: 44
Class: Paladin
Affinity: Anima
Weapon Levels: Sword(B), Lance(B), Axe(A)
Inventory: Steel Sword(D), Javelin(D), Silver Axe(A)

Staring Stats (Growth Rates)

LVL: 1
HP: 39 (60%)
STR: 17 (40%)
SKL: 13 (50%)
SPD: 15 (40%)
LCK: 3 (10%)
DEF: 15 (30%)
RES: 6 (20%)
CON: 12
AID: 20(Horse)

Bio: Born in Crescentia, Davis became a knight at a young age. He was ambitious, and ascended through the ranks of Crescentia's army, and became an important leader. Now, as he has aged and become a seasoned veteran, he mostly passes on his skills to the other young knights.

Joins in: Chapter 1(No Requirements)

Supports: Desmond, Gerald, Flax, Oolong, Wendell, Samuel

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Name: Turk
Age: 20
Class: Cavalier
Affinity: Fire
Weapon Level: Sword(D), Lance(D).
Inventory: Iron Sword(E), Iron Lance(E), Vulnerary

Starting Stats (Growth Rates)

LVL: 2
HP: 27 (85%)
STR: 5 (40%)
SKL: 7 (60%)
SPD: 7 (60%)
LCK: 4 (25%)
DEF: 5 (25%)
RES: 2 (25%)
CON: 10
AID: 17(Horse)

Bio: Born in Crescentia, he always admired knights. He wanted fame, and being a knight would be one way to get it. As he became more familar with Castle Crescentia, he began to like serving his citizenry, despite having little or no fame. He's a bit careless, and a bit of a womanizer, but he's a solid knight.

Joins In: Chapter 1(No Requirements)

Supports: Wendell, Yumi, Elena, Zoe, Karen, Pancho

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Name: Wendell
Age: 20
Class: Cavalier
Affinity: Fire
Weapon Level: Sword(D), Lance(D)
Inventory: Iron Sword(E), Iron Lance(E), Vulnerary

Starting Stats (Growth Rates)

LVL: 2
HP: 27 (85%)
STR: 8 (60%)
SKL: 5 (40%)
SPD: 6 (50%)
LCK: 3 (25%)
DEF: 5 (40%)
RES: 2 (10%)
CON: 10
AID: 17(Horse)

Bio: Born in Northern Crescentia, Wendell migrated South to Crescentia's heart. He became a night to protect his family and his people. He is quiet, intelligent, dependable, and he knows his duties. His teachers and co-workers have come to like him for the fine work he does.

Joins In: Chapter 1(No Requirements)

Supports: Desmond, Davis, Turk, Yumi, Samuel, Laura

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Name: Marco
Age: 16
Class: Thief
Affinity: Thunder
Weapon Level: Sword(D)
Inventory: Iron Sword(E), Lockpick, Vulnerary

Starting Stats (Growth Rates)

LVL: 1
HP: 19 (40%)
STR: 4 (30%)
SKL: 6 (50%)
SPD: 11 (80%)
LCK: 5 (50%)
DEF: 2 (25%)
RES: 0 (25%)
CON: 7
AID: 6

Bio: Born in Nakloom, Marco was always a very sneaky child. He was brilliant at hiding and spying. He'd constantly eavesdrop on his friends and know everything about everyone. He came to Crescentia to become a Spy for the royal family, as Nakloom at the time had no real government. He was hired and sharpened his skills. He's one of Crescentia's best, despite being so young. His cheery demeanor and his caring personality make him a good person as well.

Joins In: Chapter 1(Comes as Blue Unit Turn 2)

Supports: Forbes, George, Flax, Chet, Zoe, Viktor

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Name: Viktor
Age: 29
Class: Knight
Affinity: Thunder
Weapon Level: Lance(B)
Inventory: Iron Lance(E), Javelin(D)

Starting Stats (Growth Rates)

LVL: 9
HP: 35 (80%)
STR: 13 (60%)
SKL: 6 (35%)
SPD: 6 (35%)
LCK: 4 (25%)
DEF: 13 (60%)
RES: 1 (25%)
CON: 13
AID: 12

Bio: Born in Cacalcia, Viktor became a knight to support Cacalcia. However, Cacalcia relied so much on its mercenary forces, Viktor joined 'Oolong's' and was a popular warrior amongst his peers. However, he was always longing to a knight of some royality, and took leave of Oolong and imployed himself as a knight of Crescentia. Since that time 5 years ago, Viktor has become on of the most respected knights in the castle.

Joins In: Chapter 2(Comes as Blue Unit turn 2)

Supports: Marco, Zoe, Zeke, Oolong, Wilson, Paula

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Name: Chet
Age: 19
Affinity: Anima
Weapon Level: Bow(D)
Inventory: Iron Bow(E), Vulnerary, Talisman

Starting Stats (Growth Rates)

LVL: 3
HP: 23 (80%)
STR: 5 (40%)
SKL: 5 (60%)
SPD: 5 (60%)
LCK: 3 (20%)
DEF: 5 (40%)
RES: 1 (20%)
CON: 6
AID: 5

Bio: Born and raised in Crescentia, Chet used his archery skills to get a job in Castle Crescentia. Mostly a messenger to neighboring countries, Chet knows Western part of Yaska fairly well, and much better than most of his comrades. He lives with his younger sister, Laura, ever since his mother passed. He's very calm, & responsible. He can get a bit anxious at times, and generally tries to make everything positive. He's also quite funny.

Joins in: Chapter 2(Comes as Blue Unit Turn 2)

Supports: Desmond, Marco, Laura, Kim, Karen, Flax