Wow! I was the first to sign! You know what that makes me? Err...I think your first neofriend but I'm not sure. XD XD XD Good times in the A Wonderful Life forum back then, don't you think? Stay awesome!!!! ^____^

<3 Lindsey

xI will keep signing until I get animegirl's love!x
Happy Halloween! …. And if you don’t celebrate Hallow-whatsit, Then go out and buy yourself some candy, you poor, poor soul Anyway, due to all those complaints from The Christians—I-I mean, “Minorities”! *cough* Due to all the complaints from the MINORITIES, I will always call this holiday…. International Candeh day. (FTW!) Ha ha ha! So, put on a Richard Simmons exercise video, and be terrified! >=O My Corneas still hurt from the last encounter…. ;_;

Well, because I officially “creep people out” when I go trick-or-treating (who said getting older was fun? ;_; ) I, Will be sitting on my arse… watching cheesy horror flicks… sobbing over my lost youth… and eating Reeses.

….. How do you eat YOUR Reeses?? Answer quickly, for at this very moment, a deadly nerve gas is filling your room. You only have 36.2780 seconds to live. *Evil laughter* …. Just kidding! It’s only a SEMI-Deadly nerve gas! We’re gonna be okay!! *steals your candy while faking happiness* ~_~ (( That was a SAW reference, by the way…. I need a cool nick name, like “Jigsaw” did! >=O ooo! Just call me…. Crossword!! )

Y’know, this year, I was gonna go as a serial killer. I mean, they look JUST LIKE everyone else! 0_0 It’s the perfect costume! I mean, did they ever suspect Mister Rogers of being a serial killer?? NO! Not until that last moment, when He snapped poor little Donkey Hodie…. ;_; But I even had my first victim planned out! >=o Behold!

Magically Delicious my Ass!! ((she’s got them slogans messed up…. ))

Sigh…. Well, I guess this spastic message is coming to an end… So I have one final thing for you—


h-a-p-p-y c-a-n-d-y d-a-y!!! *hugNkisses*

~~Mucho quiero,

((See you around, Teh perfectness ~_^))
Hello, Mr.Perfect! >=D Long time no chat! I hope you've been well,
for you deserve no less for the embodiment of all things right!

First off, I'd like to thank you for signing my guestbook! It fills my heart with joy! <3
So, I created a stamp to throw right back at'cha!

Love is the sweetest of all things~!
Sorry it's not a super cool stamp....
But I've saved your eyes from viewing any of my attempted work! Protect your corneas!! >=O

I really hope you've been doing well!

~~Much Love,~~
I'm Randomly signing peoples guestbooks so they will sign back...

Please sign back!

Hey! Haven't talked much recently ... wanted to keep in touch.

Ello =] I'm randomly signing peoples g-book xD and I stopped by to yours =]

My current obsession xD

Now You've been stamped ;]

Be nice and stamp back =]

Bye bye ^^

Den-den =]
Eyo! Juz dropped by 2 show sum luv and tag up ya g-book u.u... 2 much myspace... no? I haven't used this stamp in a while but I wanted to sign so if ya don't like it bite meh!

T3h most bad ass couple in t3h gaming system!

Peace out!

De-Ann >=]

Decided to stamp you with this urban old stamp XD
Keep on rocking!
*Sign back*
Yes, time for another stamping by Emily! I'm so sorry that my stamp sucks! XD

Well I hope you enjoy this. Bask in its crappiness! XD

Ah well, Hoppy Easter!

Quack! XD

From Emily =P

Be prepared for my signing xD

Told yuh to beh prepared u.u;;;;

Stewie <3

m luvs,
teh den den xD
what i cant stamp lol. see ya around

like it says

"you've been stamed by Jaw7765"
I'm on a stamping spree.

Seeya Around.
Thank you for those beautiful/stunning images. If I die from shock in my sleep from evil Wacko Jacko nightmares, I will sue you

Heh, yer I guess we do have similar account thingy's or whatever. Sorry I don't have a better (or eviler) stamp, so you just got this one.

Yeah, I know it's really late (a couple months), but I can't believe I forgot about it. I hate when I forget about Birthdays.

Happy late B-day, dude! =D

It's the time of the year when cupid shoots people with his heart shaped arrows and the day that I hide from lovely cupid cause I think it's time for his change again XD j/k

Happy Valentines Day!

To meh side kick <3 teh Tommerz >=3

Happy Valentines love-kiss-hug Day!! I'm signing 'cause I luff you! (and your cool! >=3 )

Well, I hope you had a special someone on V-day! We all know how important love is... It's right up there with world domination! That's important! =0 So, don't let this sugar-induced day go to waste! SEIZE THE MOMENT, CHILD!! here's your stamp

Yay! ^o^ Now is the time to pork down more chocolate, so for heaven sake, pork down more chocolate!! Now.... I have a uber-special-kiss for ~you~!

~~JESUS CHRIST!!! 0_o~~

Those Kids came with the deal, sorry XD But just think of it! You could ship that to a third-world country and THEY could have a happy valentines TOO!!

...or, you could keep it for yourself! You Just converse with your shoulder angel and devil for the time being

~~Extra bundles of love~~
I hope you like the stamp!

Keep on being a sweetie, and I'll tell you if any guys try to cyber with me so you can kick their asses online.

See you later!

Yo! How've ya been! It's been awhile since we talked huh? So..... where's my Dollar, perfectness? >=3 (just kidding!)

sorry I haven't signed lately (I'm such a lazy, lazy girl =X ) but I'm back-- with a vengeance!

Well, anyway, I hope you've been well, and have been worshiping the Smore'z God every day like a good little boy! (you better!) and now, the ultra-stamp~!

Huzzah! That'll be 15 bucks! *get's slapped by her alter Eggo (waffle) * I mean, it's absolutely free of charge for you! Thank you for shopping at Lei-Chan's stamp shop!

(See you around! Let's talk sometime, kay? )

Sophs (Formerly known as Tim who got her name legally changed to Lei! >=0 )
Happy Birthday to you! I hope that you like my stamp...

From Emily

My Beautiful Kind Goddess Kali who has very precious time would like me to sign in her honour about how wonderful it was for her to receive a Great signing from you.

From the Loving Goddess Kali and her servant RKOed
As Mister Tiger's Slavie I am here to sign your g-book in his honor >=3 Mister Tiger is the best Master in the world >=3 I thank my dear beloved Master for buying me in the Auction XD Thy Master is really and clearly the bestest Master in the whole whole whole whole wide world =) You could now honor my Master for his wonderful doings XD Honor thy Master now pwease >=3

The one and only XD
Den-den =D
Thanks for signing, bro. I'm sorry, I don't have a stamp. I haven't had time to make one. I'm busy. And nothing good's coming my way. It's all bad. >.<

I wish I knew you in real life =[

Summoner Supreme is the greatest! You are sooo lucky to be signed by his slavie! But not as lucky as I am to be that slavie.

All hail my Supreme Master SummonerSupreme, the greatest legend of Neoseeker, who I satisfy to the best of my abilities!
Delete your friggin messages or something like that since some ones using your account or something.......

*is confused*