ZCGleader toetancham
Apr 26, 08 11:44am
Hi!I'm ZCGleader.I'm currently playing Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G the Japanese PSP game.In the game,my hunter is currently HR4 and the Azure/Ashen Lao-Shan Lung urgent quest has been unlocked today.I've Sakura Recorder,which possess dragon element,which is good against that blue giant.Will my pink Hunting Horn clear the quest?If not,suggest a better weapon.
Blackfalcon toetancham
Mar 18, 08 3:42am
Wow, thanks for the stamp, you really have advanced from the nooby little seeker who became my first Neofriend.

I hope you know I'm joking, or else you haven't really advanced at all! XD


Your pal,
ISMAIL4567 toetancham
Jan 28, 08 12:31am
thanks for signing my book.

Stitch toetancham
Dec 30, 07 12:46am
And a Happy New Year to you too!

Mahalo and Aloha!
Have a nice Day!
pikachu_2008 toetancham
Nov 11, 07 2:16am

signing formy new neo-husband
Alvaroduck toetancham
Sep 08, 07 4:31am
Hey Toetancham. :]

I just felt like signing your GB, 'cuz you seem like a cool guy.

__________________ __________________ ________________________
Stitch toetancham
Aug 13, 07 4:26pm
Meh, what the heck.
I'll sign it anyway to wish you a happy Birthday.

Mahalo and Aloha!
Have a nice day!
Ville_Valo toetancham
Aug 01, 07 4:40am
Thanks for the GB signing man, and I love your stamp! It's awesome! Spose you've heard about Loco Roco for PS3? That looks absolutely insane, 155 Locos in a single level!
Cya 'round man.
DEAD RISING toetancham
Jul 20, 07 5:31am
this guy is cool man very cool helps alot he should be a mod some day see you around the forums and well you a pimp peac oh and dude become a mod
Blackfalcon toetancham
Jul 19, 07 11:50pm
Hi there toetancham! You were my first neofriend ever! You pop up in numerous Ratchet and Clank forums and you're just plain cool!
P.S. Banana or Cookie? Impossible to choose!
Seek on!
scorpion dynomite toetancham
Jul 12, 07 10:02pm
Hi toetancham See any good videos on youtube?LOL
See ya at the forums.
(I dont Have a stamp yet but when I get one i will put It on OK.)
Chimaira toetancham
Jul 11, 07 11:10pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook.

As for my avatar - it is Raziel from Soul Reaver.

Stitch toetancham
Jul 08, 07 4:06am
Yup. Ik woon ook in Nederland, Maastright in Limburg om exact te zijn.
Bedankt dat je in mijn Gastenboek heb geschreven.

Yup. I live in The Netherlands too, Maastricht in Limburg to be exact.
Thanks for signing my Guestbook.

Stitch is cute btw
Yup. He sure is.

Mahalo and Aloha!
Have a nice day!

Oblivion toetancham
Jul 08, 07 3:52am
Hey what's up man? Just signing your guestbook because you asked so nicely! So what's up? I don't have stamp, sorry. Anyway sign mine if you get a chance! Also, I want a Cookie! I have bananas at home...
crazyginger2 toetancham
May 11, 07 11:20pm
Ha i am the first to sigh oh yeah
so you like hitman and gta huh whats your fastest time in the murder of crows?
p.s go on the ps2 gta forum it's alot better.