good but not great fallout is better decent graphic's and good playability but it just seemed to be lacking to me... I don't know 7.6/10 TheElderScrolls4Oblivion PC
yes I'm just one of the million's of people who love FF.9 has a great plot good graphic's and good game play 9.3/10 FinalFantasy9 PSX
I loved final fantasy,7 being the best. it's full of epic fight and scenes has a good back story + it's nice to see the characters in... FinalFantasy7AdventChildren
OMFG! I love this game! it show's that a game doesn't have to be advanced to be good. nice story good characters and game play 9.6/10 FinalFantasy7 PSX
ok so not the greatest game I've ever played but still good. the story was a little weird sometimes and the default controls poor. final... FinalFantasy7DirgeOfCerberus PS2
holy s***! it's coming!
7/10 pretty cool... and did you see those eagles? TheLordOfTheRingsTheTwoTowers
war flicks are awesome and this has got to be one of the best 9/10 SavingPrivateRyan
even though its a bit different than other FF's I really liked it. I got a lot of playtime from it and the story was nice + light owns 9/10 FinalFantasyXIII PS3
Death is the will of nature,Murder is the will of man
are you actually reading this? if so then go buy this game. finally the REAL FF3 in the U.S with plenty of story side quests and... FinalFantasy3 NES
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