Wassap, fugga?

I'll be seeing you around. Take care.

Don't drop the soap in the shower, though. You know what happens to people who do that.


Hey, man. I'm just gettin around to the whole guestbook thing. I didn't even realize it was there. lol. But yo, thanks for signing mines and I'm returning the favor, even thoug it looks like you have a lot of signatures and stuff already.
hey see you around loungin and stuff so i decided to sign your guestbook please sign mine back see ya around




Hey timgta! I know you were bored, but thanks for signing anyway...

Well I'm just signing your guestbook because you signed mine, and you seem nice, lol. I don't really even know you, but who cares? Well you should send me a PM sometime;)

Yello after all the ppl on Loungin' you picked the one with no soul, but power, and compassion for chaos and destruction.Well thanx for sighnin night of the deads guestbook of lifeless soul.
Thanks for sign'in my guestbook!

So you signed mine because you saw my name out of all the people on loung'in 'eh? Kewel!

See yaz laterz!
Thanks for signing my guestbook, I have no idea who you are:P

~Firestorm Almighty~
Howdy again. Just thought I would stop by and wish you a very merry christmas. Have a great day!

This is limited edition, haha...

Yes... it would be mean for me to delete your entry. So, I won't. Thanks for signing, I guess! Watch out for them haints!


Happy Holidays from Blackheartedwolf!

You are now under protection of Ascaris Obsidia, Matriarch of the Daemonhunters. May the divine intervention guide you in all of your battles.














I don't know you either, and you don't know me. You signed mine so I resign...That makes resign...That's not good. I don't even have a job and I'm quitting...M'kay.

Yup, your right I don't know you. You don't even hang around the same forums I do Maybe one day I will know you
Thanks for signing my book. Just returning the favor. Don't really know you, but I've seen you around the forums. See ya later.
ur right! i dont know you!

im signing cus you signed mine, i have seen you post once........i think, oh well gotta get going
Oh I'm not just gonna delete it, I'm gonna sue you for unrightful tagging in my guestbook!!! It's gonna get deleted so hard your POST COUNT'll feel it!!

Naaaah, I wont delete it.

But expect a lawsuit sometime in the near future.
Well, that was a nice signature.
Ah well, guess you had a bad day or something.
Anyways, thanks for signing I guess and now I'm returning the favor.
So be happy and stuff.

Thanks for signing by guestbook. I am here to return the favour.

Now for a stamp:

You have been stamped in a suitable faceless fashion.