Can't wait for Devil Survivor 2

I'm looking for the Destiny Knot to start breeding 5 or 6 IV Pokemon. Willing to offer a 6IV Ditto in return Natures:

It's level 15. Found it while running in the Safari Zone. Horde battle brought it upon me. Looking for something decent i

It's the Gaming Time of the year again. ∂º¬º∂
I heard there was some football on TV. It was just soccer. º≈º
Just going about my business as usual
Just started a new game. The name is Oni.
Looking to trade away some Froakies
Absolutely nothing
Well, summers here and I'm pretty much stupid for taking summer school voluntarily.
I guess I'm happy to be alive. I just wish the Kool-Aid man's catchphrase was more appropriate!!! :|)
Why am I so unrecognized?
obviously i'm online

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