YoshiStar thunderdawg7000
Jan 01, 06 6:50pm
Happy New Years! ::.

It's New Years day!! Now it's 2006. Feels weird to me still. Have a happy new years day! ^^

No need to sign back please! ^^

(I'm sending this to as many people as I can. Everyone needs a happy new years! I even signed Moderator Requests and AFK's guestbooks XD)
brieonna1993 thunderdawg7000
Aug 01, 04 4:37pm
I am here signing your guestbook because you told me to come here and sign your guest book. Anyway stamp!

Its one of my cooloest stamps. I have others too.
BlackWolborg thunderdawg7000
Jul 05, 04 12:18am
Hi there Thunderdawg! I'm BlackWolborg, but you can call me Borg. I'm a new member too! I've just come to say hi and I hope you stay at neoseeker!