My favorite system ever ^-^!! WiiHardware Wii
To be honost I find this handheld kinda boring... PlayStationPortableHardware PSP
My favorite handheld system so far! NintendoDSHardware DS
This system breaks to easily... Didn't get a very good experiance with the system. Only played ps1 games on it when I was little then... PlayStation2Hardware PS2
My favorite last gen system! GameCubeHardware GC
For fun game, I got bored of it though now. Halo2 Xbox
Get's a little hard near the end still stuck on this game! KirbyCanvasCurse DS
Extremely fun on multiplayer! StarFoxAssault GC
Surprisly didn't like it that much... TalesOfSymphonia GC
One of my favorite GC games! SuperMarioSunshine GC
Get's a little boring after awhile... HarvestMoonAWonderfulLife GC

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