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Mar 23, 11 8:57am

its a great website and i watched a whole season of deathnote the ending was freakin awesome and L is NOT dead and please go to its for people with mobile devices it streams anime

anime tv and shows
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Feb 25, 11 1:41am

been here in a while happy to show all my fans that i am still alive can anybody help with hacking psp do please please email me at

musingsthoughts neoseeker related gaming related
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Dec 7, 10 7:40pm

angry becuase at my school they finally block the neoseeker forum page which got me think that i should have a backup blog place to that i can access at school or another gaming website that can be acessed at school without proxy servers but i will still on neoseeker mobile

neoseeker related
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Nov 21, 10 5:45pm

were alive is an awesome podcast it very intense they should put it on real radio search thezombie podcast on google or bing theres only i listen on my psp which is awesome the wallpaper
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Nov 19, 10 3:44am

i didnt figure out my grandma wpa code to her wireless internet that is so dam retard its her freakin phone number whic is 314543k that makes me want to slap my self which im doing now

technology pc hardware
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Nov 18, 10 7:23pm

i played this demo called god eater burst limit on my friends psp and im wondering if its illegal to download psp demos from places other than the playstation networkthey should bring to america

other mobile gaming gaming related
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Nov 9, 10 7:48pm

anyone if there is a texting app for the psp 3000 that does require fake firmwire or custom firmware
anybody know any good psp websites
send texts from

mobile gaming technology
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Nov 2, 10 2:40am

i have a lot of movig picture they are super mega beastly come seee it i am really wanting people to come see my neohome i work long hard hours not really

neoseeker related
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Oct 29, 10 3:10pm

linkin park + guitar hero warriors of rock = awesome
why listen to
just two songs
listen to
when they come for me

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Oct 21, 10 6:23pm

linkin park new album is beastly
1. "The Requiem" 2:01
2. "The Radiance" 0:57
3. "Burning in the Skies" 4:13fav
5. "When They Come for Me" 4:53fav
6. "Robot Boy" 4:29fav
8. "Waiting for the End" 3:51fav
9. "Blackout" 4:39fac
10. "Wretches and Kings" 4:10
12. "Iridescent" 4:56
13. "Fallout" 1:23
14. "The Catalyst" 5:42
i am listening to blackout

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Oct 21, 10 6:05pm

Pros and cons of playstation 3 are prosfree online gamesfree bruray player built in easy internet...

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Oct 15, 10 8:24pm

oh yea finally after all of the complining a stuff i final got a blog oh yea compling does it...

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Oct 15, 10 8:24pm

Pros and cons of playstation 3 are pros
free online games
free bruray player built in
easy internet

cost way too much to fix and dont drop it unlike the playstation 2
which survived a super high drop when xplay did it
i'll do the xbox 360 latter

playstation 3
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Oct 15, 10 7:14pm

oh yea finally after all of the complining a stuff i final got a blog oh yea compling does it pay off not really it annoys me that i complain but finallly got a blog yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoh let do it ey i been though it yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

neoseeker related
Aug 25, 10 7:45pm
thewar223 shared a news (@leochan)
Apr 8, 10 2:33pm

[image1 link=yes width=650 height=368] (Image Source: Impress Game Watch) Metal Gear mastermind and master...

Apr 1, 10 6:51pm
i am a sony and nintendo fan neo pm why
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