Matt J themanof_concepcion
Dec 17, 05 8:41am

Im singing all my neofriends to say: Happy Christmas! Hope to see you around...
Chobi themanof_concepcion
Dec 8, 05 5:59am
±±± Happy Holidays ±±±

« Chobo the Hobo»
Thanks for signing my guestbook! I thought I had signed yours already... but by the looks of it I haven't. O well, better late than never
Have a stamp!

QuizzyFan8 themanof_concepcion
Nov 14, 05 10:36am
Thanks for signing my guestbook

Keep up the good work around the SC3 forum
And remember Hwang >Yun-Seong

I'll see you at the SC3 forum

bluehell themanof_concepcion
Nov 13, 05 10:01pm
>_> well im signing sign back i will come over there and take a mallet to your legs.

Will those god damn PM'S EVER ARRIVE? ARGHH
Yes, thank you for signing my Guestbook. I am very old on neoseeker & I suppose you can say I am the most active veteran other then Redemption. Will other then that I seen you around the San Andreas & GTA 3 Forums. See you around sometime.

P.S.~I am not an undercover mod like I have been accused lately of being.

sagemaster themanof_concepcion
Nov 1, 05 11:00am

*now me want cookies! *

lollipopz themanof_concepcion
Oct 29, 05 10:02pm
Orr norr! What did you do to SP?!?!? =O! Anyway, Happy late birfieday xxx

I saw the ashes thingy,So I better sign as gratitude for your new stampy >_>

Saint Someone.Heil SS >: D
Thanks for signing my guestbook, much appreciated etc.

I enjoy talking to you on MSN about random bollocks, so yeah.
Talk to you via MSN soon.

Firelight themanof_concepcion
Oct 15, 05 4:57pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook. Made a little stamp of my own.

Have a nice day,
Deis themanof_concepcion
Oct 13, 05 9:32pm
Happy Birthday! I'm sorry I forgot...


Love Yunie

Why am I ashes?
Heh, anyway here is a Stamp because it is your birthday! Have a nice one!
Matt J themanof_concepcion
Oct 9, 05 8:07am
Happy birthday TMOC- my mates birthdays on the 30th- we're having a surprise party for him hopefully with lots of beer lol! But anyways have a good one man!

To TMOCFrom Matt J:)
Ghetto Bird themanof_concepcion
Oct 9, 05 1:15am
Well I think you turned 18 or something so im going to give you a free box of Mike Tysons favorite cereal:

Hope you enjoy your free box.

ghetto bird
HIFK themanof_concepcion
Oct 7, 05 10:03pm
Your a cool guy and happy birthday man! Your turning 18 tomorrow and that is a big thing! Have a nice birthday man! Now be stamped!

Peace Out!
Matt J themanof_concepcion
Oct 5, 05 7:21am
So hey man, i was just around you know so im signing. Hope my stamp fulfills your life and i also hope you sign back^_^.

and check this i just found:

I see that you signed my Guestbook and thought I'd sign back.

I don't have a stamp at the moment and not in the mood to make one, so anyway.

See you around.

Hello mate, thanks for signing the book

Well....There isn't much too say really lol

sign or turn in to ashes
really? you do realize that you're talking to the angel of fire, right?

see you around.

BillybobJoe themanof_concepcion
Sep 30, 05 8:33am
Uh.... yo!

Since I dont have a stamp, I have the world's crappiest yo momma joke (I saw it off some webpage)

quote some webpage
Yo Momma so poor she drives a peanut
It sucks, huh concepcion?

Ummm... yeah.... sign back. oh wait you already did. Well sign again.
thank's themanof_concepcion for the banner guy's:)
burger175 themanof_concepcion
Sep 20, 05 9:09pm
hey concepcion...
i was bored. (as usual) and so i decided to sign you guestbook.

yeah, well, see ya sometimes in the forums.
or on msn.

and dont forget to sign my guestbook.....umm....maybe...please.
bad ass themanof_concepcion
Sep 17, 05 9:48pm
Hey there, I am signing Your guestbook because redemption told me to sign every member's g-book, hey I can complain I get paid 20 bucks a month. Anyways sign back.