PixieGyrl99 thecandyman328
Jan 12, 08 1:56am
Luv ur profile pic!!!!
Keep posting awesome job!!!!!!!
Sign minenext plz!
zhaoyun770 thecandyman328
Dec 03, 06 1:44am
hi team mate dude- i decided to sign with my new stamp- enjoy!
Nexus_of_Oblivion thecandyman328
Nov 27, 06 11:50pm
Thanks for being their for me and Zhao. We all make a pretty good team. Soon we'll be so powerful that they will have to stop playing cause the 3 of us control everything. ZCN forever. Nexus Out.
EricF thecandyman328
Oct 11, 06 9:10pm
I thought I'd sign again but with a good pic this time

EricF thecandyman328
Sep 30, 06 10:57pm

I'm happy to be friends with someone who likes Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, ACDC, The Who and so on.

And also with someone who's good to talk to.

And thanks for signing mine:D

Cheers mate,
zhaoyun770 thecandyman328
Sep 17, 06 12:58pm
Thanks for stickling up for me with hanzo being a bit stupid, and thanks for signing my guestbook. I see you already have guestbook entries so i cant be first but i'l sign anyway
Antaikronik thecandyman328
Jul 20, 06 2:56am
You kinda overemphasized my "skills", but thx for signing. Here's a stamp:


-Peace out-
Everton 4 Eva thecandyman328
Jun 22, 06 7:23pm
saw u around so thought i'd sign ur guestbook

seeya round sign back - also yay i'm first to sign