Though I had been playing Video Games since I was about four years old, I got my first game when I was seven years old. Ocarina of Time. I used to play my older sister's SNES. Link's Awakening and Super Mario Bros. 3 were my favorites. Right now I am a 9th grader and going to Santa Fe Indian School. I am hoping to start studying in computer and video game grapfics when I get to college. My philosophy on life is "Never be held back from your dream. Not by marriage, lovers, friends, or anybody. Live free and Party on. When Life gets you down, grab a can of Dr. Pepper, say "Whatever, whatever, whatever," and play Ocarina of Time or whatever Zelda game as long as you want!" ;) ciao!


I like to read and play Zelda Games
My favorite charators in Ocarina of Time is the Gerudos(go figure Im named gerudo warrior).


"It'll have never worked out between us, darling."
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