Neoseeker CRS Info A Guide To Contributing
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About NeoCRS

The NeoCRS (Neoseeker Contribution Review System) is a system that allows members assigned to the so called "CRS Team" to approve and delete contributions made to the product profiles. NeoCRS is a position on the site with no forum recognition currently, which means that we don't have any fancy tags below our names, the only way to know who is on the CRS Team is to ask. I'm planning to post here a list of all CRS members currently on the team. For the time being there is no certain way to apply to the CRS Team.

CRS Queue

The CRS queue is where all the contributions are stored until they are approved or rejected. A new addition to the queue are the UserReviews which didn't need to go through the approval process before. Now this is in the past. Our aim is to improve the quality of these submissions. This often may result in your reviews being rejected. You will always receive a reason for the rejection along with your review quoted, so that you can fix what needs to be improved and re-submit it.


Q: I submitted a cheat for Need for Speed 3 a few days ago, when will it be approved?
A: The approval process usually takes within 1-2 days but it may extend further in time depending on several factors. One of those factors are the active CRS members, the other is the time available for us to approve submissions. We all have our lives outside of Neoseeker and often we might be busy with other things besides approving contributions. Don't worry, nothing gets lost in the queue. If you made an acceptable contribution then it will eventually show on the site, credited under your name.

Q: I contributed a user review which I thought was good enough. Why was it rejected?
A: The standard for User Reviews is higher than it used to be before, that's why they are placed in the queue. Check your Contributions Report which should be in your Inbox. There you should be able to find the reasons for the rejection along with the review itself. If you want to you can try and improve it, and then re-submit it.

The CRS Team

Current NeoCRS Members
Super Saiyan Goku
JJBdude 48
Master of the VG

A Guide To Contributing

Table of contents


This guide is designed to help people who are new to Neoseeker's contributions system. People want to help but don't know how and where to find information. If you are one of those people, congratulations for making it this far. The need of knowledge is the first step. Please read this  before we start.

What can I help with?

There are a lot of different things that can be submitted to Neoseeker. If you want to help, you just need to choose something, pick a source and start submitting. It's really that simple. Below you will find a list of possible contributions.

Contributions to Game Profiles

  • Cheats

  • Tips and Hints

  • Perspectives

  • Players

  • Developer / Publisher

  • Release Dates

  • Background Descriptions

  • Game Play Info

  • Features List

  • Hardware Info

  • Box Scans

  • Themes

  • Screen Shots

  • Minipics

  • Profile Official URL

  • Resource (professional reviews, previews, fansites, etc.)

  • User Reviews

FAQs/Walkthroughs  (do not submit those if they are not written by you)

Contributions to Movie Profiles

  • Director / Producer

  • Ratings

  • Aspect Ratio

  • Movie Length

  • Platforms

  • Release Dates

  • Background Info

  • Cast Lists

  • DVD Features

  • VHS Features

  • Box Scans

  • Themes

  • Screen Shots

  • Minipics

  • Profile Official URL

  • Resource (professional reviews, previews, fansites, etc.)

User Reviews

Contributions to Hardware Profiles

  • Descriptions

  • Release Date

  • Screen Shots

  • Minipics

  • Product Official URL

  • Resource

  • User Reviews


Neoseeker also accepts Complete Profile Contributions. If you don't know where the submission form is, look here . If your complete profile contribution is approved, a forum for that product will also be created.

Where Do I Find Information?

Sources for Game Info

Gamespot (
Gamespy (
PC Game World ( (
The Armchair Empire (

Of course, there are a lot more gaming websites that offer such information. Feel free to look for them and use them but I believe that those would be more than enough since they are updated daily with new information!

Sources for Movie Info

The Internet Movie Database (
--Contains all the info you need on movies, refers to which is useful for platform submissions and release dates. The movie contributor's best friend :)
DVD Town (
--As the name suggests, this site offers information about released and upcoming movie DVDs. You can also find professional reviews posted there occasionally. (
--A reliable source for articles.
Plugged Online (
Hollyword Reporter (
Eric D Snider (
Film Threat (
Waffle Movies (
--Their waffle rating system sound original doesn't it. The better the movie is, the more waffles it gets :)
The Movie Chicks (

What Do I Get For Contributing?

You gain Neopoints with every submission you make on the site. Currently they are not used for anything but they have a meaning in the future. Also, every contribution is tied to your profile just like your posts in the forums, so by contributing to Neoseeker you gain recognition which is more than anything else you could get as a reward for sparing your free time. And in the end you get a fuzzy, warm feeling that you have helped in the development of this wonderful site. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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