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A Messed Up Dream - It all starts with Neoseeker

This is an old dream of mine. I recorded it in a journal, now I'm posting it on Neo since it has some relevance to the site.
    It all began really weird. I was browsing Neoseeker when I found out my moderator tags were missing. Actually all of my info was wiped clean, only name and avatar. but no posts or neopoints or join date. I thought “hmm, i haven’t done anything in my forum lately, did Red code a feature similar to portals where your tags disappears if you are inactive?”. I decided to check, if it were true I’d still be the mod of those forums, just wouldn’t have the tag until I actually do something. First I refreshed the page and my Adventure Quest forum tag appeared. Naturally, that’s the only place I do something that often but with NeoPortals it’s different because they are low on activity and rarely any trouble emerges there. I went there and they were moderated by someone else, I don’t remember who it was. Doesn’t matter. I clicked on my.neoforum. Noticed some new forums have been added to my favorites. Some private forums like “Forum Administration” and a forum only for Red and NeoHQ. I tried the forum administration first. It was weird, I got teleported irl, outside the apartment building I live in back in my hometown. It was a sunny day. Everything was so bright. I went to look around and there were no people outside. Went into that garage which used to be an internet cafe but is now a clothes shop. It was an internet cafe again in my dream and there were a few women inside. I took my pants of and started *bleep* to one of them. I was behind her. I looked at her and she took down her jeans and then all of a sudden guards appeared out of nowhere, they were like knights, wearing armor. They kicked me out and the dream faded away for a few seconds. Don’t remember how, I probably tried again and went into another direction. This time I was with my brother and we both knew we were dreaming. We were exploring the forest, there was a sight with hundreds of chopped down trees. Anyway, I showed him how I could jump extremely high. He got scared but I held him and jumped with him. At some point he had turned into a tree branch with white blossoms and he was still talking and he was still scared of heights. He turned into a man once more and we continued our exploration. The dream cut off for a second then we were in the woods again soon after. We saw a castle in the distance and I tried jumping to it but I couldn’t jump too high because I was holding my brother. I ran very fast though and soon we made it to a slope with huge rocks pinned in the ground. I kicked one and it tumbled down with a roaring sound. It got stuck on some other huge rock, we kept going down, I was jumping from stone to stone, those huge stones were tumbling down one after another. At some point I sat on the ground and it was like being on a sleigh and dashing through snow. It didn’t hurt, there was some sensation but it didn’t hurt and I tried not going over any of the chopped down trees. The dream cut off again before we could reach the castle. Now it was like in a dream I booted the game again and I saw a loading screen. We were not in front of the castle. My brother said all the doors I locked. I tried them myself, I had a key in me and tried it as well but it didn’t work. For a moment I could see something like a game UI and that’s how I tried the key. There were two doors in the front. There were huge columns on both sides hiding some passages we couldn’t see if we were not at the doorstep. I went on the right and there was a staircase winding up. It was really small and tight but i managed to go through there. And now I was at the second floor in something like a tower, connected to the main floor. There was a guard there, in armor. He didn’t see me, I pressed, yes weird, I saw a keyboard when i looked down and I could control everything with it but it was both, i was moving as if irl and using the keyboard as well. i used the keyboard and pressed CTRL and saw myself ducking, I started moving silently. There was this icon in the middle of the screen like in a PC game called Oblivion. This icon showed how suspicious are creatures around regarding your presence. It was okay, I managed to sneak behind a guard and execute a stealth kill with a huge sword. A lot of blood, he saw my shadow on the wall before he died, it was a corner so he couldn’t run anywhere, that was in the tower and a torch was making it possible to see everything and produced the huge shadows. I heard a strange laughter as I killed him. I moved on, and walked into a rest room. There was a toilet seat with three dice in the water. Two 5-sided and one 20-sided. I reached in and pulled them out and noticed something else emerged from the water. It was a small paper bag, wrapped in duck tape. There were all kind of things in it. I walked out of the room and on to the stairs and the next floor. On the staircase I met a woman, wearing all white and glasses. She was looking for a piece of her glasses that would make her see better. Like the sunglasses attachment for my glasses but it was instead a pair of glasses but without the ‘handles’, attachment but not for sun but for better sight. Like glasses over glasses…. I had a few pieces and she tried them, the second one worked. I think she looked through the bag I dug out from the toilet, good thing I solved the puzzle then, eh? Hehe. Anyway she put the attachment on and said “Now my vision improved with 70%.”

    I don’t remember why but we had to go over some plans and decide what to do from now on. So we tried to find a nice, quiet room on the next floor. We went in the first room on the right. It was an office, shelves on the left of the room, brown wood they were made of. Dark color. There were two creatures inside, they looked like ghouls and I’m sure the one by the window was in a black suit. They were arguing in a loud voice about something. It wasn’t a suitable room so we continued our search. The next room we found was a library. It was bigger than all the other rooms. There were a few people inside. Come to think of it it looked a bit like the library at the Model School of Mathematics we had a meeting with the principal with yesterday. There were teachers in that room and kids walking around. The kids didn’t want to watch a movie their teacher was going to project on a flip chart. We thought it was a good room for our purposes and we settled in for it. I walked around a bit and noticed all the books were really weird as well. They had actual titles like the real books but they were just messed up, everything in them was reversed and twisted in a way, typical of this world. The dream ends here. Nothing more I remember, the kids were doing something else but I can’t clearly recall it.

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