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Is excited for all the cool L4D mods that are soon to come because of the SDK. Left4Dead PC
Loving the new Survivor mode but damn is it ever hard! Left4Dead PC
My number one favorite FPS. I've been looking forward to this game ever since it was announced. Left4Dead PC
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  • "wow this game is neat! fighting off zombies with 3 other friends and hilarious lines throughout the game! this game is just awesome! Left4Dead PC"
    Curtzilla Jul 22, 12 8:47pm
  • "Four survivors. Three generators. Two tanks. One horde. We survived it all. Online. Left4Dead PC"
    Peter May 12, 12 4:04am
  • "Crash Course is pretty goddamn overpriced, considering how short is, and how it isn't really any different to the other campaigns. Left4Dead PC"
    JasonKaotic Apr 07, 11 9:36am
  • "I love this game XD not even close to beating it Left4Dead PC"
    foxeth Mar 01, 11 5:14pm
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