this is pretty cool
Oh my lawd I cannot wait. TheLegendOfZeldaWiiU Wii U
lol the code I had put in for the xmas lights on the member hovercard has now triggered :D
lol fail. Ubisoft is shaping up to win the worst company award. Also microtransactions? wat
I wish EA would stop making their games exclusive to Origin :( DragonAgeInquisition PC
Minions movie ar_cat
Today was my last day. It feels incredibly surreal right now.

Yesterday I saw someone use an attachment in their post and I was surprised as I had forgot the feature even existed. My eyes

Ordered something for the first time from Mass Drop. My package went from San Fran to NYC on its way back to BC. weirdbutok
hahahaha :D
The game is shaping up really nicely KingdomComeDeliverance PC
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