Release date announced; Oct 15th LegendOfGrimrock2 PC
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I'm a fan of a band that doesn't exist.

Hi guys. We're pleased to announce the launch of forum post attachments for images! ==Adding Attachments== When postin

apple watch looks silly. It has a couple nice features but overall I think android wear/moto 360 is the way to go right now.
Crazy talented

I wasn't sure how to phrase the title but I want to make it clear that I absolutely love the new hardware and the changes

I never could find a copy for the Wii. Now I can finally play it

via Nintendo Direct

via Nintendo Direct + Nintendo PR --Quote-- New Themes for Nintendo 3DS HOME Menu: Following a system update in October, N

new and improved 3DS!

via Nintendo Direct --Quote neogaf-- - better 3D - second stick - NFC built-

Me and @Dynamite noticed this last week as the Guild Wars 2 servers were taken down by a DDoS attack which also affected Wild

In lieu of the whole Zoe events and Phil being his belligerent rude self on Twitter, someone has hacked into Polytron and has

It looks like EA has done it again :( They've dumbed down and removed a lot of features from Sim City and it looks like t

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