Happy Friday
I haven't played WoW in 8 years. It's cool to see how much has changed since then. WorldOfWarcraft PC
oh god it's happening the robots are conversing with each other Skynet
woah! DotA streamer gets robbed live while streaming
The songs from the trailer footage Debutante and Pacify; http://bit.ly/1xAP1hc NoMansSky PS4
Happy Friday; stealing this from Whelan since he showed it to me the other day and I enjoyed it.
Turn down for what? KittenRave
A Witcher board game? wot?! BoardGamesAreAwesome
Defiance has gone FTP. I bought it when it first came out, it was fun; worth your time now that it's FTP. Defiance PC
The new Summoner's Rift looks awesome Redemption LeagueOfLegends PC
I guess due to low Xbone sales they're now putting it out for PC. So much for Xbone exclusive DeadRising3 XONE
Free for 24hrs so get it while you can before it's too late SniperEliteV2 PC

In the dark days of the end of World War Two amidst the ruins of Berlin, one bullet can change history...

Happy Friday
BF3 just went free. $0.00 Battlefield3 PC

Destructible environments. Intense vehicular mayhem. Huge multiplayer maps. Welcome to Battlefield.

Trailer plug Aug 5th release date Sacred3 PC
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