likes Willow's status update: "Unlikely inventions around the world by Lancashire folk: the modern kilt (as a skirt) and the founder of Australias first bank."
likes Willow's status update: "A teething baby niece = excellent contraception"
likes Harvest Moon girl's status update: "Can't stop laughing over the fact that teenage girls around the country are legit crying in public over a guy quitting One Direction."
likes Willow's status update: "funeral of a V distant relative today, king of England in 15th Cent so thought I'd give it a go with my boss for a day off. Didn't work :("
likes Harvest Moon girl's status update: "Major kudos to google for teaching me about a badass woman I would have never known existed if it hadn't been for their doodle."
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changed their custom title to "RIP Xeno"
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likes Willow's status update: "Yuck!! Just got a 2nd hand bookcase that must've been in someones shed... redback, spiders and eggsacks galore! ‪#‎wheninoz‬ ‪#‎bravepom‬"
likes Harvest Moon girl's status update: "BBL, Neo."
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likes Willow's status update: "RIP Deidre from Coronation Street, Englands (and the worlds!) longest running TV soap filmed in my home town. I met her, lovely woman."
likes Harvest Moon girl's status update: "But seriously how the *bleep* did the Seahawks just win that game?"
likes Willow's status update: "Sudden onset 2007 nostalgia. Blink 182 and glowsticks at a sticky-floored Satans Hollow (a rock club in Manchester not a demonic coven)"
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