So it's been announced that they are bringing back KOTR :o Anyone else excited but me??? Who do you guys wanna see win???

Which is better??? I wanna start incorporating one of them in my weekly workout but I just wanna know which one pays off bett

All my old profile pics and blogs are gone and I wanna get them back !!!!!! ;( anyone know how to retrieve them?????

Where do I go from there??? It's been ages since I played. I already beat the gym leader and everything, just have no i

So yeah half an hour before work and I am bored

From the top of my head, in no particular order: #Undertaker ministry theme #Dudley Boyz "drop the bombshell" p

Anyone watch this series??? First season is up on Netflix. Has a bit of walking dead feel to it but in an "I am legend&q

It's just I feel like I have to post 3 or 4 times for my post count to go up by one. Does anyone else have this problem

Anyone still watch this series?? I liked the last episode about taker and sting, I was soo happy they mentioned the ministry

*bleep* you Benoit for not having a feud with storm before you died ;( this was one of my all time dream matches when you cam I woke up and when I saw this on the news I wa

Anyone catch this show??? It's on adult swim, it's a fairly new show with like 4 episodes out right now. It's *b

Let's take an accolade of ric Flair who has like 16 title reigns vs someone like punk (who had very few title reigns but

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