i'm 14 years old in high school. i like tennis, soccer, golf, and volleyball. yes I'm a guy and i like volleyball. ummm i like to play video games and go on the computer. i like a lot of music and i don't really have any favorites right now so..... what else do u need to no....i'm African American, very energetic,i think i run pretty fast for my size and age, I'm 5 foot 6 or 7 i think and i weigh 120.8 pounds, and i have black hair. thats all i can think of right now if i think of something else ill post it


i like to play the sims and harvest moon. i also like to play Tales series games and other rpgs. i think i might be a video game designer when i grow up but im not sure and my all time favorite game is a downloaded game, thats free, called DOMO. I also love the Nintendo wii. i want super smash brawl, Mario galaxy, the new harvest moon for it, and super paper Mario. I especially love games where you can play 2-4 player on story mode. like the Tales games.

Alex Smith


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