Yoshi_Guy tails sega
Jan 11, 07 5:40am

"Mistress Den" is..and always will be...cooler than you, me or anybody else for that matter. I mean...she's so awesome! Have you ever got into a conversation with her? Boy they're amazing....yeah....a conversation with Den....That would be amazing...of course...I can only dream of such a priviledge as to speaking with den. The only contact has been through her orders and my one PM.....A Boy can dream though....A boy can dream...I absolutely LOVE being Dens slave, it's such a priviledge...ah...if only you knew...the true joy of it you would be WISHING YOU WERE HER SLAVE IN MY PLACE but...I wouldn't let you of course...I'd fight you to the death for this status!! and also did i mention i like topless men? Oh yeah....I like it when guys are naked, pantsiess or shirtless....*bleep* yeah.


Me and my mistress would love it if you were to sign her guestbook, It would truly be delightful. Why don't you sign it right away? Go on. Sign. If you don't i will have a gang of vicious grape- men at your door who will, by the way, be topless.

PLZ... SIGN... Mistress DenDen's Gbook
stibul tails sega
Apr 18, 06 2:06am
You are my hot babe forever even hotter than my old hot babe Marill Lover so you get this extra long sexy message in your stamping even though it's a stamping spree you still deserve extra writing because you are so hot my loveable hot buggy you sex machine. Did I mkention you are my hot babe for ever n' ever (H) <3 DODODO CHA BA DING DONG TRA LA LA...yeah I wrote that all for you because you are so hot, my hot, hot thing because you are hot.

Decided to stamp you with this urban old stamp XD
Keep on rocking!
*Sign back*
Cute Phantasy tails sega
Jan 01, 06 5:46am
hello just feeling in the NEW year sprit and all here ya go not the best but meh :

short but sweet...HAPPY NEW YEAR!
LZ Schneider tails sega
Dec 30, 05 5:14pm


Love my MS paint skillz?

Anyways, I signed your GB, duh...
Rikku Chick tails sega
Dec 22, 05 6:58pm

Awright, have a great Christmas and New Years and Boxing Day! <3 If someone ruins it, then just hit them with a mop x333

Gah gah *has to find something to stamp GBs with* T_T;


Anyway, yeah.. like, chill out for the holidays :3

Frawm teh Jewlzeh~~
Cute Phantasy tails sega
Dec 21, 05 3:35am
just thought i would say hello with a sonic stamp.

Cute Phantasy tails sega
Dec 20, 05 8:14am
i have the christmas spirit and all why not, also you seem very cool:

you have been wished a merry christmas by *drum roll*

~* Cute Phantasy*~

Tainted tails sega
Dec 02, 05 8:43am
returnin the favor!!! ur cool anyway so im not just returning the favor. i wish i had a stamp but i can make an attempt at one. see around forums!!! Happy Postin!!!
DTX tails sega
Oct 30, 05 9:04am
Hey, thnx for being my neo-buddie, TS!! If I had a stamp, you'd sure as *ell be the first one to get it!!! Sign me back!!

cech1 tails sega
Oct 25, 05 7:21pm
Hi tails sega. Do you like my new stamp?

Don't forget to Sign back!
Homunculus Lover tails sega
Oct 15, 05 5:05am
Thanks for signing my guest book. To say thanks, here yu go!

Happy Halloween! Keep your eye on the stamp!
SunnyDelight tails sega
Oct 14, 05 6:26am
Thanks for signing my GB. I'll sign your GB with my stamp okay? I like Naruto also.
apple_tree_three tails sega
Oct 08, 05 6:42am
Ello, and thanks for the Avatar! It rocks!!!

Here is my brand new Halloween stamp, enjoy!

jespomo tails sega
Mar 27, 05 11:33am
Hey there tails sega

I thought you might enjoy this stamp so here it is

Love from jespomo
Gogetenks tails sega
Mar 20, 05 1:10am
I haven't signed your guestbook for like, months, so here, I'll give ya both my stamps, my new Naruto-themed one, and my older DBZ-themed one.



Catch ya later, dude


Skaterstar57 tails sega
Feb 14, 05 5:34pm
Happy Valentine's Day!
Hope you have a good one. XD
Well, here's my stamp: ^^

Take care!

Satokasu Suki tails sega
Jan 03, 05 3:58am

Hope you had a nice Christmas! All the best for '05. ^^
Satokasu Suki tails sega
Dec 14, 04 5:34am
Hey tails sega!

I'm glad we're talking again, I missed ya!

Happy Holidays!
Gogetenks tails sega
Nov 10, 04 10:46pm
I got a new stamp, so now I can stamp properly

like it? Surfin Choco made it
Gogetenks tails sega
Oct 30, 04 9:59pm
Have a Happy Halloween!
Gogetenks tails sega
Oct 17, 04 11:49pm
Sorry my first entry wasn't so good so you should know that
Sosai X tails sega
Oct 17, 04 11:39pm
Hi there! Whatsup?
Just passin through to stamp ur guestbookie...


Well cya around..!


neo_wizard tails sega
Oct 15, 04 12:18am
hey hey,, tails ma man how u doing the only reason i am signing your guest book is because im board. i might go and look at some ofd he threads you have been in and do a biot of hardcore spamming

well chill out with a chilli dog maan i know sonic and tails like them
Skaterstar57 tails sega
Oct 12, 04 9:24am
Thanks bro! Awwww, that's sad, I hope you can make your wonderful banners again soon!

Here's a stamp!:

Take care!