has a big dick.

Goku decides to get himself revived and enters the ROST. This occurs when Super Buu arrives. His main focus of training wil

What if Goku decided to troll Vegeta and let Babidi control him? Therefore over-powering him and Goku decides to fight Majin

What if you just decided to drop Beerus & Whiss into the Arc when Gotenks & Super Buu are fighting? And as Gohan is


Z-Sword Gohan: 15,000,000,000 Super Saiyan 3: 60,000,000,000 Super Saiyan 4: 600,000,000,000 Majin Gohan Super Saiyan 4

Goku & Vegeta will resort to Bruce's & Ali's same power level. With that, it will be a battle of technique.

All three of these immortal/invincible brutes attack Beerus with the means of killing him! Can Beerus defeat them?

For this power level list, Goku > Super Buu will be the focus. I've never actually done this before but it's wort

This is garlic Junior from dead zone and Beerus from BOG.

Let's pretend that a reality where the Saiyans came to Earth because the Evil Tyrant Lord Frieza destroyed their planet.

This should be an interesting one... Anyways, as always I'll post my numbers. Raging Vegeta: 300 Buuhan: 255 Buuten

One Derp is a new mod of the Dragonball forum, several others are a bunch of derps and im left in the middle of all these derps. god help me

Radditz come back and helps Goku, but he is defeated. Unknowing to his potential he is a last resort for a last ditch effort

Goku wear's Thor's belt of strength (which amplifies his strength by 10) and suddenly turns SSjin4! He then runs the

How do you reckon a Super Saiyan G2 Ultimate Gohan would fair against Vegito SSjin3? Ultimate Gohan: 175,000,000,000 Su

http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130529133752/ultradragonball/images/0/06/DBZ-Battle-of-Gods-SSJ3-Goku.jpg Goku Super Sa

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