I have lived in three differents states and many cities. At this time I would like to travel outside the united states perhaps brazil or maybe china. Well I will figure it out soon. In the meanwhile will enjoy my mundane life.


In the gaming world my favorite genre's are rpg, rts, and any genre hybrids containing any of those two. I enjoy games on all platforms. Outside the gaming world my interest include dogs(my chihuahuas), reading(mostly sci-fi and fantasy), ceramics, environmental problems( I donate time and money to non-profit groups), basketball(watching the spurs only), olympic sports (been watching games since 1984), hiking, broadway theatre, movies( I love those summer block buster's), and japanese animation. What I like most about the tech world is the internet of course. I have communicated with people from a wide spectrum of backgrounds and learned a lot of new things. This is something that is priceless and irreplaceble.


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Review: Samurai Warriors - Samurai Warriors is not a Dynasty Warriors clone

Mar 16, 2005

On a superficial level this game might seem to be a clone of Dynasty Warriors 4 set in Japan instead of China. That would be a injustice to a good game that stands alone from Dynasty Warriors 4. One difference is the combat system. For example...

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