Azn_Applecake symeou4eva
Aug 23, 06 6:01am
Just wanted to sign some guestbooks...

Please Sign Back

xpronic symeou4eva
Dec 20, 04 12:12am
Tyler Durden symeou4eva
Apr 22, 04 1:49pm
Hi, cheers for signing my guestbook. I'm good, thanks, and you? Now I'm going to ramble and fill up the character limit... la de da de da. (hi!) Ok, I'm done now.

PhilHno1 symeou4eva
Dec 30, 03 4:23am
Yo, your a cool guy but not as cool as this fella i'm afraid...

Take Care
S_i symeou4eva
Oct 05, 03 4:23pm
thought i'd sign your guestbook since you like pes3 (what a great game )

see you in the forum sometime

Reckless symeou4eva
Oct 04, 03 2:35pm
How ya doin? Its good talkin 2 ya on the pro evo 3 forum (that game is just so class) and i hope it continues

Pro Evo 3!

Legend of Zelda symeou4eva
Jun 30, 03 8:57pm
I just this gosh darn second noticed i didnt sign your guest book with my new account

return the favour m8. because no one else has
GTA Addict symeou4eva
Jun 10, 03 11:11pm
I'm sighing random peoples guestbooks right now and you are one of those Random People.Well I sighned your guestbook now you sighn mine the link might not work for some reason today my links have been screwing up.
GregtheGreat symeou4eva
May 29, 03 7:06pm
I dont know whether to sign it or not! There are many reasons to sign it and many reasons not too! I dont think i should because you didnt put anything witty for yur signature. But i could sign it because u like cm4. hmmmmmmmm, decisions, decisions! oh damn! ive signed it!
Irish Gamer symeou4eva
May 22, 03 12:11am
Where's my Real Madrid ticket... huh?? You've got a lot to answer for mate!!

Nah only jokin, knew where the link would take me...:s...

Anyway, you better sign mine...
I like the way my name is in the guestbook enrty then there's a link tih my name right under it:p

Tehuti symeou4eva
May 19, 03 11:30pm
Flippin' Real Madrid season ticket? You must have a bit of spare cash....

Think you could lend us some money so I can actually go to Spain to see the team I have a season ticket for?

Anyway, how you doing symeou4eva? You seem like a down to Earth fella'.

Take care, Simon.
Captain Lumpy symeou4eva
May 19, 03 12:16am
Err, I don't like Real Madrid - can I have a Blackburn Rovers season ticket instead?

Anyhow keep posting around the football forum and I'll see you around.

Congrats on Man U winning the title

I'd better get that seaon ticket now...
PhilHno1 symeou4eva
May 13, 03 1:39am
Cheers for signing for my guest book my man, yeah i do consider you a mate even your a red

See ya around the CM4 forum & Hope to get sum kind of network game going soon!!

CharlieBrowne symeou4eva
May 13, 03 12:24am
cheers for signing my guest book just returning the favour. see you around a lot but you never return my PMs lol

see you around
JASPER888 symeou4eva
May 01, 03 4:06am

Do Essex boys were tight jeans and white trainers? hehe just joking
Ian Wright is king symeou4eva
Apr 27, 03 7:53pm
I noticed you have signed my guestbook so am just replying and reminding of the legend that is Ian Wright.

288 games
185 goals
Ian Wright is KING
Joe_The_Greebo symeou4eva
Apr 22, 03 5:26pm
haiya, i thought i would sign this, you should be gettinig mod spots soon because of the kind of seeker you are... ill see you round the CM forums ya?
Liam symeou4eva
Mar 23, 03 3:08am
Hey, just thought i'd stop by to sign your guestbook.

You have been a good member to the Championship manager forums, long may it continue.

Your gonna have to change that team though.

Red_Devil symeou4eva
Mar 23, 03 3:08am
Hello mate,we chat a lot on the CM forums so i thought i'd sign your guestbook!Hope to see you become a Neo regular and a Mod one day.... Man Utd 4ever...

Your friend,~Red_Devil~