I like you, so i'm signing your guestbook.
Live with it

Hope to see you in neoseeker outside of Fable II and Oblivion

Ever go to Loungin'?

So, here I am signing your guestbook.
Sign mine if you wish...
I must say, all together that your messages are very nice shaped and always clear to understand and I appreciate that.
Your guestbook was fine before now. However, it has now been officially muffin'd!

I wanted to stamp your guestbook for no apparent reason other than helping me get rid of THAT FREAKING GIL TOSS!
See ya around Crisis Core forum
After I saw yur post on the MHF2 HaH, I just realized I haven't signed your GB yet. And I also realized you haven't had a sign since 06. TO TEH FUTURE!!!

Don't have a stamp, so thought I'd just write a long essay instead... (just kidding)

Wanted to thank you for your contribution to my Gambit FAQ, and its great to see you around the FFXII forum
Hey, it steelrunner...thanks for being one of the few people who PAID attention to the decks I built and helped me DESTORY Alpha sigma or whatever the heck his called. anywho...see ya.
Hey dude. Thanks for being an awesome neofriend and helping me out on MMBN5.
You seem to know a lot about Megaman Team Protoman, and I wanted to thank you for Answering so many questions on the form.
P.S. PM me if you want to be Neofriends with me.