Feb 9, 11 6:11am
Estranged from Dad
sweetmclovin blogged
Dec 3, 10 2:43am

PenguinLord2324 wrote @ GameFaqs
Posted 11/29/2010 7:40:01 PM
message detail: goodbye GFaqs i quit, Dabloi from draenor has quit video games, if ya know me then say goodbye wherever cause im closing all gaming accounts including this one, and i aint ever comin back, so bye

May the Angel be with you my friends
Guys my house is haunted what should i do (This is serious)

Thee are an imposter mortal being, for the real dabloi is bisexual (which only i would know, cause I AM HIM), second, he entered in a adolesence pavilion (AKA the young psych ward for very troubled teens, also only a handful of people know, no one outside family, except FoxyFoxy and a couple in my old guild Freaks Without Leashes), third I was asleep at this time so either, 1. it is my bro who is trying to screw with me, 2. it is one of his so called "friends", who are sinners to the Angels (also only an Angelic person can post May the Angel be with you my friends, and no damn human dare post that in My good WOW Name, 3. when i found out who did this by impersonating ME!!!!!!, i will kill them by sheer brutality, and lastly i, the real Dabloi would never create a stupid as hell name as PenguinLord2324
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Nov 5, 10 1:35pm

i am very scared at my house, so much so that i dont even like staying there for long periods of time cause ill either get touched, get choked, or get pushed down stairs, it mainly happens in my room or when i go from upstairs to downstairs, can anyone give me some advice??

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Mar 27, 10 1:58am

Dabloi is my name, well really just bloi and you may know me from draenor server in WOW, i like anything really, and im just bored to death at home, i like to bake

May 1, 09 8:06am
Its an awesome game 5/5 BleachHeatTheSoul6Import


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