Freezie swashy
Jul 10, 13 10:05pm
Great seller. Fast and smooth couldn't ask for more.
alexishabit swashy
Jun 24, 13 3:33pm
This guy's great! A+++! Will buy from again Very patient and reliable seller. Makes the process easy and quick. Thanks again!
billyboy swashy
Jun 22, 13 8:59pm
Was nervous at first to trust but proved themselves to a top notch trader. Would definitely recommend. A*********
DKVantas swashy
Jun 11, 13 4:31pm
Solid deal again A+++++
DKVantas swashy
Jun 10, 13 12:51pm
Great seller...easy to work with.
tradermk375 swashy
Jun 9, 13 4:49pm
fast and very reliable.
donnick swashy
May 23, 13 5:56pm
Very quick and smooth transaction. Happy deal, will sell again
altsareruiningme swashy
May 9, 13 3:10pm
bought hp multiple times from me no issues
Fug2 swashy
Apr 27, 13 11:40pm
Just sold 1700 HP, first time doing so and was concerned but everything well explained well and went very smoothly. Thank you again, highly recommend
Fug2 swashy
Apr 27, 13 11:38pm
Perfect patient fast trader, thank you so much!
jellison0635 swashy
Apr 21, 13 11:42am
Great person to do business with. Very trustworthy and honest. Recommend to everyone!!!
bagel117 swashy
Apr 14, 13 6:53am
I have been buying/selling stuff with Swashy since September of 2012. Swashy has always been reliable to deal with and never once have I felt like I was going to get cheated out of payment. I highly recommend that if you are planning on buying hp or anything dealing with RoB...Swashy is best the consumer to go to.
ocean4951 swashy
Apr 13, 13 6:23am
Very helpful, friendly and professional buyer, just sold 800 hp without a hitch. Would defiantly deal with him again
joshmcl swashy
Apr 12, 13 11:15am
Need to sell 850hp tonight. i will go first. please contact me asap.
VirtualSell3r swashy
Apr 12, 13 1:35am
Fast smooth and trusted, need I say more?

Will do business again.
huiying swashy
Apr 11, 13 12:20pm
Quick and smooth transaction. Highly recommended.
Bitterb swashy
Mar 28, 13 8:56am
Everything went perfectly! Swashy helped me and was patient even though it was my first transaction! Thanks again!
heybear1 swashy
Mar 28, 13 7:07am
Smooth transaction. Would sell again! =D
donnick swashy
Mar 12, 13 10:49pm
Fast transactions and great guy!
jerk13 swashy
Mar 2, 13 1:21am
Have about 350HP and 3 registered acounts.Since I dont play the game anymore I want to sell them.
Metalbush swashy
Feb 26, 13 5:27pm
Fast transactions and great guy! 100% trustworthy.
polemidagi22 swashy
Feb 26, 13 2:31am
Very fast transactions, A++ speed and communication!
Valkyrie007 swashy
Feb 15, 13 12:30am
fast and smooth trade, very nice and helfull guy. Thnx!
Day-One swashy
Feb 11, 13 3:49pm
ive sold too Swashy Twice now. Hes legit, i enjoy doing business with him.
Wingblade swashy
Feb 6, 13 12:27am
100+% Trustworthy! Just sold him 800 HP!

Goodluck in the future!