Xenophilia surfer1020
Dec 25, 09 1:41am
Merry Christmas, Tobi! And a Happy New Year, while I'm at it.

Hope it's a good one for you and ye family!

MoonlightKitten surfer1020
Jul 11, 09 6:38pm

Here you go i was thinking of showing you this so i made it a stamp.I was hoping you read your guset book because i signed it just for you its a funny picture.
Randomness surfer1020
Jun 25, 09 6:12pm
Just thought I'd stop by ur guestbook and sign! Trying to get this character up to date!


(Formally Pix)
Stevemeister surfer1020
Jun 2, 09 2:42pm
Guess what? You've been stamped!!! Yay, weird cow!!! Yay!!!