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It's that time of day again, I have nothing to do... lol
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I decided to make a list of games I's getting this and next year to see how much I'm spending... may Arceus bless me wallet's poor soul...
I stumbled upon an E3 trailer for Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn. The hype is real :o (The only thing is that it's digital, ew LOL xD)

I had a feeling other people were having the same problem as I was. I've become the next victim of... read more

I can't die in peace until I complete the 150cc Lightning Cup...

Dark Pit assist trophy

I was hoping Palutena to be revealed sooner or later and it was really cool... read more

A lot of people said that LittleBigPlanet's world builder wasn't as clear and concise to use so I... read more

It appears that I have the chance to get a username change :3
likes Eiche's status update: "Mario Kart 8 is making me a violent person."

This game is one of the reasons why I get grey hair at such a young age. I don't appreciate... read more

I can imagine the game being bundled with a controller and adapter so I'd definitely go for that.... read more

The kart seems out of place because it's like throwing in a real looking car with slick versions... read more

That video was so great, and that music though.

I liked how they made the adapter and controller... read more

Made myself a new signature featuring Ike. It took a lot of work to extract the text image from its source, but it looks great in the end :D
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Beat the final boss to Kirby Triple Deluxe! (in the story, at least) The inhale was so powerful, the enemy's HP bar got sucked in too, LOL
High school graduation tomorrow, along with the Mario Kart 8 demo at GameStop. Really looking forward to tomorrow! :D