Ermagerd, there's a Big Hero 6 costume pack for LBP3!!
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I'll never forget the jdl that joined the MVP clan long, long ago. It's hard to believe how much... read more

After contemplating on whether I should get the New 3DS anytime soon (I know I would eventually),... read more

quote Captain Nerditude
You lucky punk! Where did you get them?
I ordered them from ToysRus sometime... read more

I just received my Pit and Captain Falcon amiibo! Woot!
Dat Robin Amiibo tho. I'll take 5 please :3

This design does look nice but I don't have $200 to toss out at the moment for for a new system... read more

Nintendo Direct fantasy predictions: SSB4 Chrom DLC, Pokemon Battle Revolution Wii U, Okami Wii U. Realistic Prediction: New 3DS news, lol
likes Gotenks' status update: "Got my Majora's Mask 3D Limited Edition Bundle all pre-ordered!"

Gamestop sold out within the first hour, and so did Amazon. Best Buy just so happened to be put it... read more

I got the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Limited Edition bundle on pre-order! Woot!

May I join the PS4 club? I just got my PS4 and LBP3 was one of the games I got a good deal recently. read more

J-Stars Victory Vs+ confirmed for American release on PS4, PS3, and PSVita!!
likes Chris' status update: "HOLY SHIT JUST GOT WONDER TRADED A ZAPDOS"
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I just hatched my first shiny Pokemon!
Defeated the Elite 4 and Steven with no faints. I guess you can say that the power of friendship prevailed :D
So I (technically) just got a Playstation 4... :3

Those two Final Battles were ridiculously frustrating at times... At one point they KOd me 3... read more

Smash Wii U Milestone: Completed all Solo Events with all conditions fulfilled. (I have no life, lol)