Yeah, this reminds me of the YGOPro app to play Yugioh on the computer. After a new update comes... read more

I'd like to thank Nintendo for destroying my Smash replays every time they release an update. :|
likes Squiggle's status update: "GOT MEWTWO 4 SMASH FRENS!"
LOL, are you kidding me. Caught Rayquaza in the Delta Episode with 1HP/Paralyzed and my Pokeball throw ended up being a Critical Capture xD

Actual comment from Reddit:

"I can only imagine what the network team at Amazon is thinking right... read more

For your conveniences, here's a link to add all (one of each) of the Wave 4 amiibo quickly to the... read more

Rumor: Wave 4 amiibo will go active for pre-order about 40 min from this post (2pmCST) on Gotenks Captain Nerditude

Target just announced that they're done with Jigglypuff preorders, so the only chance left is to... read more

A wild Jigglypuff Amiibo preorder went active and got it! Woot!
Friends, I need help deciding between Platinum Club Nintendo rewards. The choices are either AC:New Leaf (to have digitally) or Pushmo World

Gotenks You're changing up your avatar style, so that is cool read more

A bunch of people are changing avatars and names, it's becoming a guessing game to remember who switched to what, lol read more

I just had a pleasantly unexpected encounter with Majora's Mask New 3DS systems at my Best Buy! Now I have a chance to play Xenoblade 3D! :D

Greninja preorders went up at 2 in the morning and I didn't know until now. I was up at that time... read more

It showed up out of nowhere too. Target didn't even make any statements about when they'd put it up for preorder. read more