Everyone's getting the Smash demo, and here I am sitting here waiting for that email with the codes... (any day now, Nintendo, lol)

I've gotten Platinum status on Club Nintendo year after year and I haven't received codes yet...... read more

likes Arietta's status update: "APPLE'S EVENT STARTS IN 5 MINUTES AND I'M JUST ASDASDAS"

I'm not too keen on the price, but I might just end up buying them anyways because I like them too... read more

Wait, that small thing next to the ABXY buttons is an extra analog stick? wut

I'd probably wait to... read more

The reveal trailer's title, "Looks like we don't have a choice!" makes it sound like the leak is... read more

Oh yes. The Pikachu tumbler is available on the Pokemon Center site :D

Dat price

I just learned about the existence of this game about half an hour ago and looked all... read more

Okay, this just adds salt to the wound. I was reading the shipping info again and it turns out... read more

So far, my wanted items consists of the Delivery Pikachu plush, pin, pretty much anything with... read more

I thought it being around $22 was a lot, but adding shipping to that makes me not as excited to... read more

I'm tempted to get those Delivery Pikachu items but then I found out that they charge shipping...... read more

I'll just watch this on my phone, because it doesn't stop to buffer. Instead it lowers the... read more

Wario was kind of weird to use because his movements didn't flow how I would have liked it to. And... read more

I think the amount of third party characters like Sonic, Megaman, and Pacman is good enough... read more

Aurigae, I like him already, even though I've never gotten to play Ruby or Sapphire yet, lol. He's... read more

I would have liked Chrom to be in, but the reveal was kind of a slap to us when Chrom said... read more

I'd like to point out how majestically great of a job they did with this image:

They got the... read more

changed his avatar to avatar