May 23, 16 7:58pm
The time has come. Overwatch is upon us and my collector's edition just came in! :>
Mar 04, 16 8:27pm
Y'all, I've gotten ahold of the Bravely Second demo code to be redeemable March 7, who wants it? We can trade for it or something, lol
Feb 19, 16 8:49pm
My FE:Fates New 3DS looks soooo noice~
Feb 17, 16 1:10am
Just a few more days till FE:Fates + my new FE:Fates New 3DS!
Feb 08, 16 9:47am
Going to the Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 midnight release tonight! HYPE!
Feb 05, 16 4:19pm
On mini break from college, now home 1 1/2 hour away with PS4 + controllers, finds out I left power cord in separate bag at apartment. Welp.
Feb 03, 16 1:42am
"Tomorrow is Mine." Literally. Bayonetta HYPE!
Jan 04, 16 4:04pm
PSN is down... What do... lol
Jan 01, 16 12:08am
Happy New Year, everyone! :D
Dec 25, 15 7:46pm
It's happened... I now have the Animal Crossing Amiibo... All 7 of them (minus Lottie, undecided if I want to get her or not).
Dec 22, 15 8:24pm
No! Why! I'm at 99.9% for LEGO Batman 3 but because I used a code to get ONE character, there's no way of getting that 0.01% anymore...
Dec 21, 15 11:25pm
Are you kidding me. There's apparently a petition to ban a petition thats petitioning to stop a petition from banning Bayonetta from Smash.
Dec 20, 15 10:02pm
Is there a forum pertaining to Apple? Or does anyone know how to set up internet using Apple products? Or internet savvy people in general?
Dec 15, 15 4:45pm
"Tomorrow is Mine" or at least February will be. Mega hyped for Bayonetta in SMASH!
Dec 14, 15 12:13pm
Third time's (or whatever time I'm on, lol) a charm. Prediction for Smash Direct tomorrow: Chrom, Bayonetta, Wolf, and or Snake. Get Hype!
Dec 11, 15 10:03pm
I can't believe it, it's done. My finals are done! I'm free from college! (until mid January)
Dec 09, 15 1:19am
2 finals down, 2 more to go and I can finally go home ! :D
Dec 06, 15 3:10pm
Finals are upon us (for me at least)... Not looking forward to this week.
Nov 27, 15 3:33pm
Yeeeeaaah, Ike amiibo restock and Modern Color 8Bit Mario amiibo get! (~Falco)
Nov 16, 15 5:32pm
Welp, just finished developing a nuke on MGSV, base got infiltrated, and my nuke got stolen. Goodbye wasted 24hrs. Rip In Pepperonis.

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