Nov 27, 15 3:33pm
Yeeeeaaah, Ike amiibo restock and Modern Color 8Bit Mario amiibo get! (~Falco)
Nov 16, 15 5:32pm
Welp, just finished developing a nuke on MGSV, base got infiltrated, and my nuke got stolen. Goodbye wasted 24hrs. Rip In Pepperonis.
Nov 03, 15 8:51pm
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is done... The story at least. Now on to 100% it and getting Platinum trophy!
Oct 16, 15 8:18pm
Nintendo trying to make me broke with those restocked amiibo, lol. Instead, I get the Yarn Yoshi Amiibo Bundle + Blue Yoshi!
Oct 01, 15 8:35pm
Yaaaas, I own a Little Mac Amiibo now! Wave 2 COMPLETE!
Sep 26, 15 4:36pm
Nintendo is slowly convincing me into getting their AC Amiibo cards... and it's working...! (I have a great need for Isabelle and Curt!)
Sep 25, 15 8:51pm
WARNING! New Amiibo Approaching! R.O.B, Mr. Game & Watch, and Duck Hunt have entered the collection!
Sep 22, 15 12:23am
Yeah, let's make some Marios! SuperMarioMaker
Sep 20, 15 1:16am
Chrom chromfirmed for Project X Zone 2. Automatic buy from me. Another $40 to be out of my wallet... Wai u doo dis Nintendo...
Sep 15, 15 12:31pm
Kingdom Hearts 2.8! Dream Drop Distance HD! GET HYPE!
Sep 13, 15 12:35am
Yesterday's Amiibo Hunt Report: obtained ZeroSuitSamus, Ganondorf, Olimar, and Bowser Jr! Dr. Mario, ROB, MG&W and Duck Hunt are on the way!
Sep 03, 15 11:47pm
So I just looked into the MGSV:PP soundtrack... breath. taking. Now I wish I got into this series sooner...
Aug 22, 15 11:14pm
Wait a second... Today's my 7th year of being on Neoseeker! It's hard to believe how long it's been! :D
Aug 16, 15 7:39pm
Packing to move to my new apartment... such fun, much excitement
Aug 13, 15 11:05pm
Dat Ant-Man movie tho
Aug 12, 15 5:03pm
Glacier White Dualshock 4 controller has been added to my PS4 arsenal. Now what's left is the Magma Red and the team will be complete :D
Aug 02, 15 9:56am
Er. Ma. Gerd. It'z mai burthdae, y'all
Jul 31, 15 4:57pm
WARNING! New Amiibo Approaching! Dark Pit and Palutena have entered the collection!
Jul 29, 15 9:58pm
Requesting helpful information! Tetris Ultimate is on sale for Sony's Summer Sale. Before I buy it, did they fix the glitches?
Jul 22, 15 8:16pm
My phone apparently knows I'm getting an iPhone soon, so it's slowly killing itself by not doing certain functions it used to do before, lol

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