4 hours ago
Today's Amiibo roundup: x2 Robin, x1 Lucina, Charizard, Greninja, Pacman! SMB Bowser, Yoshi, Peach came in by mail! Splatoon 3Pack on order!
May 23, 15 5:30pm
I take back that hype. Had only 30 min of free time to play; got one game in and then the server crashes. Splat-tastic job, Nintendo, lol
May 23, 15 4:59pm
Last chance Splatoon Global Testfire hype!!
May 20, 15 10:05pm
Made myself an ink-redibly awesome Splatoon avatar and signature set :D
May 13, 15 1:30pm
GameStop had a Marth Amiibo restock and I got 2! One for me and one for my friend! (Because I'm not a scalper :3)
May 11, 15 9:12pm
Pokemon ORAS's hatching route is lovely and all, but I prefer XY's since it doesn't reset my position every time... I need PokeBank again...
May 08, 15 9:58pm
Splatoon Global Testfire Hype!!! :D
May 02, 15 2:09am
Avengers 2, why you so awesome... Incredible movie, I kinda wanna watch it again, lol
Apr 27, 15 10:12am
Yeeeeaaaah! Nightwing is going to be playable in Batman: Arkham Knight!
Apr 22, 15 8:13pm
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD... I have a need to cosplay now for some reason, lol
Apr 15, 15 6:27pm
I'd like to thank Nintendo for destroying my Smash replays every time they release an update. :|
Apr 09, 15 9:07pm
LOL, are you kidding me. Caught Rayquaza in the Delta Episode with 1HP/Paralyzed and my Pokeball throw ended up being a Critical Capture xD
Apr 09, 15 1:17pm
Rumor: Wave 4 amiibo will go active for pre-order about 40 min from this post (2pmCST) on Gotenks Captain Nerditude
Apr 08, 15 11:14am
A wild Jigglypuff Amiibo preorder went active and got it! Woot!
Apr 07, 15 4:52pm
Friends, I need help deciding between Platinum Club Nintendo rewards. The choices are either AC:New Leaf (to have digitally) or Pushmo World
Apr 03, 15 8:55pm
I just had a pleasantly unexpected encounter with Majora's Mask New 3DS systems at my Best Buy! Now I have a chance to play Xenoblade 3D! :D
Apr 01, 15 5:49pm
Darn, still no Chrom DLC for Smash Bros... lol
Mar 12, 15 2:00pm
Walked to my campus mail center to pickup my Mayflash GC Adapter. Next thing I know, my Ike and Lucario Amiibo arrive too! :D
Feb 22, 15 4:38pm
Successfully obtained the Mega Man and Sonic Amiibo! :D

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