Aug 22, 15 11:14pm
Wait a second... Today's my 7th year of being on Neoseeker! It's hard to believe how long it's been! :D
Aug 16, 15 7:39pm
Packing to move to my new apartment... such fun, much excitement
Aug 13, 15 11:05pm
Dat Ant-Man movie tho
Aug 12, 15 5:03pm
Glacier White Dualshock 4 controller has been added to my PS4 arsenal. Now what's left is the Magma Red and the team will be complete :D
Aug 02, 15 9:56am
Er. Ma. Gerd. It'z mai burthdae, y'all
Jul 31, 15 4:57pm
WARNING! New Amiibo Approaching! Dark Pit and Palutena have entered the collection!
Jul 29, 15 9:58pm
Requesting helpful information! Tetris Ultimate is on sale for Sony's Summer Sale. Before I buy it, did they fix the glitches?
Jul 22, 15 8:16pm
My phone apparently knows I'm getting an iPhone soon, so it's slowly killing itself by not doing certain functions it used to do before, lol
Jul 21, 15 9:28pm
Woot! Platinum trophy get for Batman Arkham Knight! Now to just finish off to 200% and the game will be ultimately finished! :D
Jul 15, 15 7:05pm
Thunder Tome and Levin Sword are all done in time for the MechaCon this weekend!
Jul 10, 15 7:46pm
One trophy left from getting Platinum for Batman: Arkham Knight, New Game Plus here I come :D
Jul 09, 15 9:28pm
"Okay." I have successfully obtained a Ness Amiibo!
Jul 06, 15 10:28pm
Super close to finishing my Thunder Tome for duh Robin cosplay, I'll try to share a picture tomorrow! After, I'll start on Levin Sword :D
Jul 01, 15 10:04pm
Well, I finished the Arkham Knight main story (I ended up playing too fast for my liking... oh well, lol) Now to get to the True Ending :D
Jun 23, 15 9:04pm
The Batman statue that comes with the Limited Edition is fanservice large. And it even lights up! And it comes with New 52 DLC skins!
Jun 22, 15 10:21pm
Batman Arkham Knight videos... Must. Resist. Until. Tomorrow... (Which is when I get get my Limited Edition bundle :D)
Jun 21, 15 4:58pm
Decided to play Assassin's Creed Unity again and now I completely regret doing that, lol
Jun 17, 15 5:15pm
Went to the Mario Maker demo at Best Buy! Wasn't as hype as Smash last year, but playing Super Mario World theme stages was so nostalgic :D
Jun 14, 15 3:43pm
The rage-quit game is strong in Splatoon... lol
Jun 12, 15 4:50pm
You're a kid, you're a squid. I got Splatoon, that's right, I did!

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