Successfully obtained the Mega Man and Sonic Amiibo! :D
Just placed an order for the GC Adapter + Controller (only way to get it atm) at GameStop!
Friendly reminder: Gamestop put Lil Mac and the GC Adapter on their site again today, prepare to snag one if you haven't already.
OMG! Best Buy emailed me about the cancelled Majora's Mask LE. They apologized about what happened and will send me the game free of charge!
Shulk amiibo batch 2 now for pre-order on Gamestop right now! Gogogo!
Nuuuu! Best Buy cancelled my Majora's Mask Limited Edition Bundle D:
Sheik amiibo unlocked!
Rosalina Amiibo unsuccessful...
Ermagerd, there's a Big Hero 6 costume pack for LBP3!!
I just received my Pit and Captain Falcon amiibo! Woot!
Dat Robin Amiibo tho. I'll take 5 please :3
Nintendo Direct fantasy predictions: SSB4 Chrom DLC, Pokemon Battle Revolution Wii U, Okami Wii U. Realistic Prediction: New 3DS news, lol
I got the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Limited Edition bundle on pre-order! Woot!
J-Stars Victory Vs+ confirmed for American release on PS4, PS3, and PSVita!!
I just hatched my first shiny Pokemon!
Defeated the Elite 4 and Steven with no faints. I guess you can say that the power of friendship prevailed :D
So I (technically) just got a Playstation 4... :3
Smash Wii U Milestone: Completed all Solo Events with all conditions fulfilled. (I have no life, lol)

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