I just hatched my first shiny Pokemon!
Disney Vlog Day 3 is up! http://bit.ly/1zxuf2t
Defeated the Elite 4 and Steven with no faints. I guess you can say that the power of friendship prevailed :D
So I (technically) just got a Playstation 4... :3
Smash Wii U Milestone: Completed all Solo Events with all conditions fulfilled. (I have no life, lol)
Disney World vlog Day 1 has been uploaded! http://bit.ly/1yyYQva
A whole week in Disney World and the trip is now over. Time ran so fast... I'll have my vlogs up soon for you guys to see how my trip went.
Naruto is finished... What am I going to do with my life now?? D:
Bayonetta 2 got. My Bayo's are ready to be Netta'd :D Bayonetta2
Bayonetta 2 demo is out right now but I can't access internet on my Wii U without an ethernet adapter... D:
Everyone's getting the Smash demo, and here I am sitting here waiting for that email with the codes... (any day now, Nintendo, lol)
Oh yes. The Pikachu tumbler is available on the Pokemon Center site :D
It's that time of day again, I have nothing to do... lol

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