attention neoseeker this is a hacked account and i will not be using it anymore

man i hate my ds the top screen stop working so i got mad and broke it off now all i have is the bottom screen it still kinda works except for this copper thing that broke off and i found out that was the problem all along. look back at it now I'm wondering was it worth it? i know it wasn't so I'm trying to remember why i tried it. did i do it out of anger, out of curiosity? maybe i did it just for something to do. what my point is don't waist your time trying to make things better just be happy with what you have. as for me I'm still trying to get another life source for it and i doubt i will ever find one...

thomas jefferson usa ds
if your reading this... GET A LIFE!!!!

these are my favorite bands... they all have a unique style tool is a disturbed if you want to look up there art (that's what there known for) you need a strong stomach. i like red hot chili peppers because of the singer's voice. nirvana i like the sound of the band and singer but it's sad that curt Cobain died people say he died but the rumor that his wife killed him is just pathetic

its just a remix but i bught all three PokemonEmerald GBA
played with friends alwas won PokemonPuzzleLeague N64
i use to take it school when i was little and let people take the test PokemonMysteryDungeonBlueRescueTeam DS
i like playing helper to hero KirbySuperStarUltra DS


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