Shadic Hearts super sonic
Jul 08, 13 2:34pm
I thought a little guestbook signing should cheer your mood. Despite whatever you think, you're cool with me. I don't hold anything.
Now see, I gotta go, so to you, fine sir, I tip my hat.
dilute super sonic
Jul 06, 13 3:51am
Aye Puncakes. We have had a lot of fun, and we'll continue to have so. A fun journey with you!
dilute super sonic
Jul 06, 13 3:46am
Aye Puncakes. We have had a lot of fun, and we'll continue to have so. A fun journey with you!
smexychick super sonic
Apr 04, 12 10:44pm
Dear Vernon,

I just wanted to know what happend between us. I mean you and I use to be close. It use to be you would do anything for me and actully wanted to talk to me. Now you NEVER private message me......and you dont even mention me in your profile. I dont know what you and I have anymore b/c it dont seem like much. I wish you would get close to me again IK ur busy ALOT but plz try to talk to me when ever you have time plz that'z all I ask.

I miss talkin to you. And I really enjoyed talkin to you.
PokeMasterStar100 super sonic
Mar 28, 12 3:45pm
Urm, I won't directly point the meaning of this here, but in a PM, OK?

---------How I Lost Jonah---------

“…And then Sazoni landed with a loud thump!” I finished. I had been telling Jonah, a charcoal-colored Umbreon the story of Sazoni the Metapersian and how Masenko, my father, beat him. His eyes were wide in awe, as if Yemma himself had come down to meet him. His yellow rings glew a healthy golden, and hiseyes sparkled blue. I felt my cheeks go blood-red from blushing, but he didn't laugh. Instead he stepped forward, and brushed over my ear with his scarlet tongue.

“Aha, it worked!” He exclaimed in his joking voice, “I made you redder!” It was true. My face had turned a deep purple in embarrassment at being called out.

“Well Jonah, it's getting late, I'd better go, or my dad'll get me,” I dodged past him and forced my feet over springy, dewy grass.

I was barely halfway home when rustling in the bushes made me stop. I turned to the bushes, then fury pulsed throughout me. I smelled another Pokémon, on my land! I propelled myself forward, then landed on a violet body with a dual tail and pink orb. It squeaked n surprise, then scrambled away from me and onto its (more accurately, her) paws. Her frightened gaze turned to me. Then, more rustling, but this time, this time, my body felt like stone as an umbreon's familiar navy gaze scorched my fur. Jonah!?

I wanted to go wailing home. He was sneaking behind my back with this girl! I snarled angrily and bolted, his hurt eyes following my every move. Then, his blue eyes flickered on the Espeon. All I heard was “… Goodbye!” Which is probably all he said.

I padded silently over grass, and began to cry. My whole life had crumbled in two heart beats. I would've trusted him with my life, now I wouldn't trust him with my first name, Mosaic. Just then, a pale yellow body came into view. I recognized Russet, my step brother.
PokeMasterStar100 super sonic
Mar 13, 12 10:29am
I'm re-writing it...

Man, either you're in denial or are freagan good at hiding your feelings in words. Had smexy said those things to me…it woulda been a hell of adifference in my normal speech.

I'll 'but out' if you'd like XC (wanna say XD, but not give the wrong impression! So-sad XD!)
smexychick super sonic
Mar 10, 12 1:13pm
I didnt now I was extra weight on ur shoulder im srry okay im srry! But you are not the only person with lots 2 do I have alot 2 first I got caught txting during class the other day and got detention and my grades and school are getting bad cause I have been rlly depressed and do u know what happens wen my grades get bad? I GET KICKED OFF MY SQUAD! And im captain of the squad and my girls need me 2 when the cheer off's........on top of tht is not doin my HW cause im 2 busy 2 do u think the teachers care wen u tell thm srry but u was 2 busy no they give out demirits and after so many demirits I get kicked out off school.......and then im come home with a few min's 2 spare B4 I have 2 leave 4 gymnastics and get on neoseeker hopin tht theres a p.m there from u at least sayin tht u love me and then goin 2 gymnastics with 2 much on my mind and can u guess wat happend?
smexychick super sonic
Jan 22, 12 9:36pm
Yep thats right ima beliber lol jk actually I just got done watching never say never I actually liked the movie but still thinks he is gay
PokeMasterStar100 super sonic
Jan 22, 12 1:51am
Drake stood over Amika's lifeless body, protecting it. His eyes were wild; unfocused and filled with rage. The only person he dared to look at was Sazoni.

"I-I can never forgive you!" he charged at Sazoni with no hopes of winning. Using anything from Iron Tail to Hydro-Cannon.

"Stop! Annoying pest of a vaporeon!" Sazoni used Metal Claw; simply batting Drake away like a fly.

"Drake! Stay down!" Was Massingo's request.

Another excerpt from my lv. x account!
PokeMasterStar10 super sonic
Jan 16, 12 6:11am

Russet stared at the word. Then, a breeze swept through the air. He heard Fang and Masenko's voice talk in unison.

"Russet, Freedom is the only way to live. With Masenko gone, you and Massingo must protect everyone from the new threat," Nothing more was said.
smexychick super sonic
Nov 23, 11 10:16am