dannyboyw suchandr
Jun 20, 13 10:55pm
Sold 1500 hps , fast payment ! Def one of the best trusted dealer
Tactical_Leader suchandr
May 17, 13 6:42pm
Was hesitant to go first after being scammed before but suchandr had good enough feedback for me to try again. He was quick and efficient and sent the money right after confirming it was me. Would recommend others to use his services
Tactical_Leader suchandr
May 17, 13 6:38pm
Was hesitant to go first after being scammed but he was quick and efficient. Sent the money right after confirming it was me. Would definitely recommend to others.
cetus521 suchandr
Apr 25, 13 9:22am
At first I was really leery about selling hp, but he walked me through the process, listened to all of my concerns, broke up the transaction in a way that ensured neither of us got screwed, and paid me promptly and correctly. This is a guy you can trust!

prosauce suchandr
Apr 14, 13 6:49am
This couldn't of gone smoother! I am so happy with the great level of service. Cheers mate and goodluck to you in the future.
adjustedx suchandr
Apr 8, 13 10:58pm
Just bought 2000 HP. It was my first time buying from him, excellent communication, smooth transaction. Will buy from again.
Lela suchandr
Apr 4, 13 10:06am
Did a purchase through suchandr and everything went smooth and fast will definatly purchase through suchandr in the future!!! Thanks for making every smooth and easy!!!
SeiraSunara suchandr
Mar 30, 13 10:02pm
Very persistent and remembers his customers. I kept asking at the wrong times but he still remembers to contact. Will do business again soon!
lacastillo806 suchandr
Mar 25, 13 7:35pm
Sold my cards in exchange for actual money and he is trustworthy. I gave him account info n he logged in did his business and sent me money within minutes after he was complete. Smooth process just have to have trust in him
cardmancoll suchandr
Mar 23, 13 7:18pm
Trustworthy and amazing. I recommend him and will definitely buy from him again. Thank you
Peeeprs86 suchandr
Mar 23, 13 8:16am
i bought 2050 powders and had them in less than 15 mins he will be my primary suppier for holy powders
zeth suchandr
Mar 22, 13 8:20am
Basically i just contact him to sell some cards and hand him my user id,password and paypal email. Few minutes later, he msg me on line and ask me to check the amount sent. There was still some other cards that may worth some hp but all was intact. I would highly recommend Danny for he is a honest,efficient and fast seller. And been nice is another plus point for him
Hungergames suchandr
Mar 18, 13 10:01pm
I have done over 15 transactions with Danny always fast smooth Danny is a business mad with his customers satisfaction being his business you want fast and easy and safe this guy is it .
baskanos suchandr
Mar 18, 13 8:26am
Fast and efficient dealer.
humphris suchandr
Mar 17, 13 4:46am
Had a high value trade over $500.00 legit, i went first and within 5 minutes he sent through the money.

Happy man great buyer worth dealing with
Peeeprs86 suchandr
Mar 14, 13 1:01pm
Quick and easy trade as always :-)
garogers suchandr
Mar 13, 13 7:53pm
I have bought and sold from this merchant. He is as good as it gets. Solid as a rock and has all of my business! He should have yours too!
GyroPanda suchandr
Mar 12, 13 8:14pm
Very professional, anyone looking to make any transactions should choose this seller. Does things quickly and efficiently. You will not be scammed.
Backash suchandr
Mar 9, 13 8:53pm
Thanks for everything you were there when I needed hp and was there when I need to get raid of hp... Thanks again for everything...
RoKaBe suchandr
Mar 9, 13 2:26am
didnt even bother looking around this time as was such a good experience first time round.

same again... excellent to deal with and someone to trust. sent money a whole day ahead and had hp exactly when i needed it.

would recommend
Azul suchandr
Mar 8, 13 6:22pm
Fast and easy, great service
Peeeprs86 suchandr
Mar 8, 13 8:47am
took less than 15 mins and it was quick and easy
cvlai2000 suchandr
Feb 26, 13 1:36am
i m glad to do transfer with him today
RoKaBe suchandr
Feb 22, 13 5:56am
This was my first deal on NS and I was very wary about sending first so went with a reliable and trusted seller and got to say was very impressed.
Sent first and followed instructions and received in return within few minutes.

Quick, helpful, good comms and better price than most of the othes. I will be coming back for more!

If you are new like me then I would have no hesitation in recommending this guy. Trust is essential

Many thanks
ThaBoss931 suchandr
Feb 18, 13 2:56am
I went first and had no problems. Definitely a recommended seller