A poem By strike_vanisher

Saddam HuSnowman

One Day I built a snowman,
As dead as he could be.
So I gave him a hat and HOLY!
Now he's alive like me!

But then he built a snowball,
and threw it at my spine.
And he took his stick arm,
And then he tried to stop mankind,
By poking us all in the behind!

So then I got real angry,
So then I hatched a plan.
I can melt him by feeding him
Hot peppers from a Can!

So I fed him hot peppers,
He turned to dust.
And all his frosty evil vanished in the gust.


Poetry Owns All
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Luigi Jean makes great banners

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The USA is full of communists, and sometimes I feel like Im the only one who can deal with them. Just about every day I have the pleasure of contacting all kinds of posers and fakes who claim to be amazing guitarists or suffering from depression or virgins or whatever. And on top of all that every mother*bleep*ing politican is more worried about Al Gores global warming hoax and they all seem to forget about the problems in northern Uganda and the loose-termed civil war in Iraq. And if that wasnt enough, teaching evolution in schools seems to be on everybodys priority list (Even if there was no god I'd still have a hard time believing in evolution). If all that shit was real, we all might as well treat eachother as the monkeys in the rainforest we make a living off of killing.

I play ibanez basses and a crap viola
Sprial and Fruits basket are my favroite animes


Long live the flying monster
Creationalism for the win

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