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Aug 8, 10 5:37am

Day 5. I've been hearing noises from outside in the hallway. At first, they were so faint, and I couldn't hear exactly if they were voices or something. But... as I was about to dismiss that possibility completely, they came back... and, it was much clearer. It... they sounded a lot like... a lot like Harry... he... he keeps on saying that nobody's coming to rescue me... nobody's out there... I'm not entirely sure if that's Harry, but whatever happened to him, I... hope he's alright...

Welcome back doods. Sorry about posting this late, I've been doing a lot of stuffs.

Today, I think I've learned a bit about the world around me, about people, and most importantly, about myself. I began thinking of things in an entirely different light, a unique perspective, one that most people would automatically oppose. Everything has now become so much clearer, and my deep, heartfelt emotions are so much easier to express...

i liek wafflz evry day ^-^
Please tell me you knew that was coming

What are some things you want to do before you die? I really wanna go onto the PA system in a Wal-Mart or something and say something really stupid :D Also, if I make my own game some day, that would be awesome too.
Also I liek ice creems

I'll share a bit more about the history of The Conduit with you folks. Well, after the two remaining Mr.Fords resolved to create a new age for the The Conduit, they began rebuilding the community from the ground up, and in preparation for potentially a new assault by the glitchers, the Mr.Fords taught the new Conduit players about counter-glitching through youtube videos and failed one-way wiispeak conversations. However, many of the new players became corrupt with this immense, missile-ridden power of glitching, and they fell to the noobishness inside them, and they began to glitch everything in their path, turning the once peaceful streets into a horrible battlefield once again. The original Mr.Fords, having been prepared even for this, imployed the use of noobs who have horrible internet connections, previously known as lag fields. They managed to locate the glitchers' main hideout deep in the Complex, and then their attack began. Laggers flew in (literally) in their erratic and spinning formations, divebombing the startled glitchers with sudden charge shot bursts, before quickly spinning back inside of walls and ceilings for safety. A new army of Mr.Fords then moved in, and they managed to cleanly invade the Complex and begin to engage the glitchers. However, in the end, the laggers ended up disconnecting from the server, leaving the Mr.Fords powerless to stop the glitchers. With a final "lolololol n00b n000b lul", the final Mr.Ford was taken down by 51 missiles.

To be Continued...
Btw, the nice glitchers/anti-glitchers arent bad tho

Yeah. Well anyways, Josh and Sam are still doing great. They made a new friend today, another toaster named Rufus. They became instant friends, and they had lots of fun taking turns toasting the same slice of bread :'D

I'm so suckish at basketball now, all of a sudden ._.


Well, that wraps up today's post. If it was lamer than usual, sorry about that, I'm just kind of tired today. Also, don't flame, I already know I'm stupid :D

r u happeh todai sir :D

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Aug 7, 10 6:05am


Day 5. Harry and I reinforced all the doors with tables and chairs, and soon the zombies went off to somewhere else. I made a small hole in the door so that we could see out of it, and it looks like the coast is clear. At least, that's what I thought. After I left the room in search of more food, I ran into a group of zombies, and I managed to hide and barracade myself in the food storage room. I'm seperated from Harry now. I hope he doesn't go outside and try to find me...

Welcome back, doods :D

By the way, in case you were wondering, yeah today's title was suggested by a commenter ^-^

Today was an... interesting day. Well firstly, I got BBQ chipz, and chipz is gud. They should've had battle chips based on potato chips in megaman battle network. Seriously, 6 games plus star force series and they couldn't even do that.

I played Brawl again today for a brief amount of time. Between playing TCon, Metroid, computer games, and lots of reading, I've become awful at Brawl. So bad, that... I... *sniff* ... I told myself I wouldn't cry... *sniff*



Go away let me feel noobish by myself D:<

Also by the way, sorry for writing this post late :(

I will now share with you all the story of The Conduit apocalypse. At first, everything was OK, people were going around the Streets, minding their own business BUT THEN OMGWTFBBQ MISSILE SPAMMZ FROM TEH SKY, glitchishly destroying everything. The deaths were staggering. And then, the missile spammz came from inside the walls too! Not even hiding in the buildings was safe! Almost everybody died that day... people who were near the outskirts of the Streets tried to run away towards the Pentagon or the nearby Bunker, but suddenly, lag fields appeared and made everyone fly 20 feet into the air while spinning like beyblades inside walls, before ultimately firing off 20 charge shots at once, killing each other instantly. The carnage was unbelievable. The few survivors of the disaster were all instantly turned into Hellsing! They then proceeded to massacre everyone they could find. Afterwards, they all spontaneously combusted. On that day, 92% of all Conduit players were killed horribly. The few that remained, however, began a secret underground society, away from the lag fields and missile spammz from the outside world. Eventually, they formed the legion of 10,000 Mr.Fords (but most of them were there already), and they attacked the outside world's missile spammzers and lag field generators (which took the form of noobs with lame connection speed) with intense force. In the end, there were only 2 Mr.Fords left. The legion had managed to destroy every last glitcher and lag field, but at the cost of nearly all their number. The 2 Mr.Fords vowed to start over from that day, and start over they did. They created the new age of Conduit, the age we prosper in now. Those Mr.Fords were the founding fathers of this society, and this is why so many of us are just like them.

Oh and, if you don't like Conduit, don't flame it or this post just because I wrote about it, I already know I'm stupid :D


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Aug 6, 10 4:15am

Day 4. I've managed to get onto the ships and I arrived at Hogwarts a while ago, only to find that this place is covered in zombies as well. I'm currently hiding with Harry Potter, but the zombies are already clawing at the door Dx

It's been half a week since this blog started :O Thank you to the people who commented and read this awful thing :D

I tried going to various places, spreading the word about the theories I wrote in yesterday's post. However, each and every time I tried to explain, I was immediately shot down and was called a troll and a spammer. The nerve of some people!

I ate ice creams today ^-^

---------------vvvv Random unsuspicious white space vvvv------------------
It's another secret message :O
Another one here
Don't forget here


Nope over here


---------------^^^^ Random unsuspicious white space ^^^^-----------------

I tripped on a dirt Dx

If anyone can come up with a well-fitting name for these blog posts, then please, PLEASE comment and tell me D: Until then, I'll continue using random stuff :O

-( )-
-- --

Fat bunneh.

As you can see, I am bored :P

Tell me, young man, what exactly is your favourite shape? Now don't you DARE lie to me again, I always find out eventually, like when I asked you about your favou- DON'T GIVE ME THAT LOOK. I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU'RE THINKING. You will NOT click that X at the top-right, and you will ANSWER ME. This is a very important matter. I need nothing but the truth. Now spill it.

I did not intend to offend anyone.

Well... hmmm...

This post was lame, wasn't it :( But even so, please don't flame, I already know I'm stupid :D


Josh and Sam, my pet toasters, are fine, in case you were wondering. They played tag today in the kitchen, and it's nice to see them having fun together :'D

...I think this was kinda short but... well, this concludes our time today guys. Have funs.

omg last messageee

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Aug 5, 10 4:20am

Day 3. The zombies are getting louder, but I've managed to find plenty of supplies today. I'll take off for the ships to Hogwarts tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be much safer there.

Howdy there boys and girls. Welcome to today's entry to this lame and hastily written blog :D Remember not to flame, I already know I'm stupid :D

Got a decent amount of xp in Conduit today. Killed some glitchers too.

Today is... wednesday... yeah I think wednesday.

The weeks are flying by so quickly :(

I realize this is a bit random (I should've said the same thing many times now), but am I the only one who gets freaked out by the Staples back to school commercial? The one where there's this fat guy skipping down the aisle while dragging a sofa where his kids are sitting. I'm going to be honest with you here, his facial expression is just disturbing to me.
This is a secret message.

By the way, I found out that mark-up still works the same way on these blog posts. Try finding all the secret messages in this blog post :P If you use that really cheap tactic (and if you use it, you'll probably know that it's super cheap), then Kirby will be disappointed in your efforts
If you didn't find this message, right under where I told you about messages, then Kirby is disappointed.

Writting blog posts on the spot about no particular topic is pretty hard at the moment.


Is it weird to eat rice with salad dressing? Give your opinion. I need some answers.

I really want Conduit 2 when it comes out :D There's gonna be this headset thing, and I can finally talk to people ^-^ I'm also considering getting MH3 or Metroid: Other M eventually.

Speaking of Metroid: Other M, I have a few theories about what the "M" stands for. It's certainly not Mother brain, it's not Metroid, and it's sure as hell not Mayonaise. No, it's probably Master Ball. Why? Well, think about it; there's usually only ONE master ball in each pokemon game, and the word "Other" supports the possibility that it could mean Master Ball. Why are pokemon and metroid related? Well, simple actually. Scanning creatures and having their data recorded in a logbook is just like catching pokemon and having their bios recorded in a pokedex. Scans with the scan visor always work 100%, even if the creature can't be scanned, it still gets scanned anyways. Capturing pokemon with a master ball works 100% of the time as well. See the connection? So yeah, in Metroid: Other M, Samus will find a master ball. Later on, she's gonna find the Other Master Ball. Since she probably used the first ball to capture something particularly elusive, she's going to give the Feds the other master ball, and then they're going to use it to create the scan visor. I'm aware that the Prime series with the scan visor happened before Other M, but that's just what they want you to think. This is because Ash Ketchup from pokemon wanted to have more than one master ball in a single game, so he went over to the Metroid world in hopes of getting the Other Master ball. He scrambled the games' timeline, so people wouldn't suspect his true mission.

...I didn't expect myself to rant that much. Haven't ranted like that about one thing in a while...

Well, yeah, this entry sucks even more than the other 2 Dx So please forgive meh Dx

Oh and, here's the advice for today:

When you trip, don't blame your own clumsiness, blame gravity. It will make you feel better.

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Aug 4, 10 12:56am

Well, it's day 2 for this blog, and to be honest I never thought it would get this far :'D

Got an eye exam today. There was this part where I got to wear 3-D glasses like in Avatar ^-^

A friend dropped by today, and it was happiness.



Man, if I could use white text in these blog posts, I would cover this thing in hidden messages.

Actually, you know what, I'm gonna try it.

Is this white yet?


[/markup fail]

Wah. CBC stopped airing Doctor Who at the end of season 4. Wahhhh.


So, I have a pet that I adopted recently, two in fact. They're named Josh and Sam. They're my pet toasters ^-^ Josh likes carrot sticks, and Sam likes waffles. They're both really happy and energetic after they eat, and they often chase their cords :'D

<(._.)> Kirby is disappointed at my efforts :(

Got a little bit of xp on Conduit today.

Wehhh... I feel sleepish.

It's so hot today :| There was this one time where the weather seriously felt like messing with me, where I was outside and it was perfectly fine, and then it started raining insanely within a few seconds, and then as soon as I got home it just stopped adruptly. And then there's that time where it snowed in the middle of April or something.

There was this time where my friend and I were swimming, and then suddenly my friend was like really thirsty. While we were in the middle of a pool. The irony was epic. The day after that, he proceeded to collapse in hunger in the local super-market.

Hey I think this blog post is longer than yerterday's. Cool.

Well, our time is up, friends. Remember not to flame, I already know I'm stupid :D

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Aug 3, 10 1:28am

5Ahh The Simpsons. Who can forget such a classic.4Not really opening. But very memorable. 3So...

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Aug 3, 10 1:26am

Well, first blog post :O It's probably gonna suck, a lot, but please hold on to your flames, I already know I'm stupid :D

I finished elementary school recently (I'm Canadian, we don't have middle school, harharhar), and I'm going to a high school in September, yay.

If anyone here was a regular at the Metroid Prime 3 forum, my low% normal run is nowhere near finished, haven't continued it in months. I might get back to it... eventually.

It's civic day today, hooray. To be honest I still don't even get what it means, at first I thought it was related to car dealerships, but I was proven wrong.

Can't believe half of summer is finished already. I guess I've gotten used to summer, but at the same time I still feel like it was just yerterday that people were cheering about how school is over.

Played metroid prime again recently, I suck at it now :P I tried to melee a space pirate, only to find that I couldn't Dx

It's been an average day today... nothing particularly awesome or stupid.

I knew this blog would suck, but not this much :( Please comment though :D

Oh and, I would like to share some advice with you all:

BBQ eel sushi is good.

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As much as i make believe, you're not really here with me.Day one, August 1st, 2010. Well, here...

Feb 10, 10 2:32am
Getting worse at everything, one step at a time.
Feb 9, 10 7:31pm
It's about time I have a generic FPS. Multiplayer is awesome. My aim fail is getting slightly less powerful ^_^ Also i beat campaign on... TheConduit
Feb 9, 10 7:11pm
Best.Deal.EVER. MetroidPrimeTrilogy
May 18, 09 7:16pm
kind of disappointing. SonicRidersZeroGravity
May 18, 09 7:16pm
rather disappointing. ShadowTheHedgehog
May 18, 09 7:16pm
completely mastered and completed. SonicHeroes
May 18, 09 7:15pm
basically a zelda game but with Fox instead of Link. good game though. StarFoxAdventures
May 18, 09 7:12pm
bought everything from the fun bazaar. MarioParty8
May 18, 09 7:11pm
this game is decent, but REALLY short. i beat this game in 2 hours second time through. MushroomMen
May 18, 09 7:11pm
Terrible game. Only get it for the wiimote. WiiPlay
May 18, 09 7:11pm
im a pro in boxing and tennis. im not really that great at this game overall though. WiiSports


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