long and thrilling but lotts of training FinalFantasyXII PS2
love the art work but it needed to be longer and harder all together NeedForSpeedCarbon PS3
fun and the gameplay and graphics are OK StarWarsRogueLeaderRogueSquadron2 GC
exciting for all ages and people StarWarsBattlefront2 PS2
not as good as the second one in my oppion StarWarsBattlefront PS2
fun until you beat it in 2 days. TenchuFatalShadows PS2
fun if you have friends over SuperSmashBrosMelee GC
fun long and after a while monotonous DoubutsuNoMoriImport N64
hard heart pumping thumb exercise MetroidPrime2Echoes GC
old but it will get your hands like biceps MetroidPrime GC

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