luffyluffy stetlfc
Mar 08, 08 6:04am
[/size=1]Restamping everybody who stamped me!

You'll be good with a few carrots >.>
Lazzara stetlfc
Oct 17, 07 11:05am
The guy below me is a liar. He says that he loves Kane more than he loves me. in fact, he loves me more than he loves Kane. You don't believe me ? Go to his forum, and you'll see my name as his General Discussion thread title.
Lone Warrior stetlfc
Oct 05, 07 5:37am
I was waiting for my computer to copy some songs into my new MP3 player, when I came across this:

quote stetlfc
everyone sign my guestbook please

ill sign yours back

So here I am, and you can have this stamp too:

See you around.
Stitch stetlfc
Oct 05, 07 4:02am
That's a good funny joke!

Well, Thanks for signing my guest book.
Time for me to sign back.

Mahalo and Aloha!
Have a nice day!
Chris717 stetlfc
Oct 01, 07 12:34am
Hey i made your avatar...even though i'm a bolton fan lol... Here's a nice stamp as well to finish off...

luffyluffy stetlfc
Sep 30, 07 7:19am