i want this game but i dont have any type of xbox StarWarsBattlefront PS2
a lot news features is in this game! PokemonPlatinumVersion DS
well like emrald and diamond PokemonSilver GBC
wow! graphism is almost better of the movies! StarWarsRogueSquadron3RebelStrike GC
well like evry othe pokemon games PokemonColosseum GC
well it a ittle like diamond... PokemonEmerald GBA
if you like star wars and strategy games this game is perfect for you! StarWarsEmpireAtWar PC
this game is cool but when you finished it (like me) it suck! PokemonDiamond DS
i thing i dont need to said it PokemonXDGaleOfDarkness GC
well... i said that i have it but i lose it....... PokemonRanger DS
not so bad but i am stucked somewhere... MegaManBattleNetwork6CybeastFalzar GBA
cool but all my friends a more advanced in this game SuperMarioGalaxy Wii
not bad but you cant train pokemon PokemonBattleRevolution Wii
i hate this game the graphisms suck! NarutoNinjaDestiny DS
cool but i am no very advanced MarioKartWii Wii
very fun if you have friends who have it! MegaManStarForce2ZerkerXSaurian DS
this game suck i buy it only for the storage MyPokemonRanch Wii
if you likes quiz (like me) buy it! TVShowKing Wii

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