Cricky stato
Jan 09, 08 2:52am
Just thought i would sign your g book as i haven't signed it in a while.

maniacman stato
Oct 24, 07 4:23am

Well you stamped me like a year ago...

Enjoy the Chuck
THE619 stato
Jun 03, 07 2:52pm
You're now ledgendary.... God I really hate that 125 chaacter minimum.

Sign back for my name is
westy_1990 stato
Apr 19, 07 7:29pm
Alrite mate?

It's been a long time since I've done this, hehe. So I thought I'd better do it again...

Here's my new stamp:

Please Return the Favour!

Talk to you soon mate...
The Rock 13 stato
Apr 14, 07 8:26pm
The Rock 13's on a signing spreem go on, go on ! Enjoy the stamp !

Hardy rules !

Cricky stato
Mar 17, 07 10:40pm
I sign it before but i didn't have a stamp so heres one.

Hope you enjoy it.
terminate63 stato
Mar 08, 07 7:01pm
im liken the diary its cool and very intresting im given u a 7.5/10 in genral and westy a 8 lol but urs is good 2 cya around

mutd boy stato
Jan 08, 07 12:19am
My stamp sucks.

Don't even know why I'm stamping it...
Hope to see you around the forums.
ilovefootball stato
Dec 18, 06 6:04am

Merry Crimbo And A Happy New Year

westy_1990 stato
Oct 02, 06 5:14am

Just thought i'd sign your with my new stamp:

PM me to tell me what you think.
toon_lad1990 stato
Oct 01, 06 4:53am
heard you were a shearer fan so i thought i'd make the effort to sign your lol,
sign mine also please,
would have stamped this but i dont know how/where to get stamps!,
PM me anytime,
later dude
Cricky stato
Sep 22, 06 7:13pm
Yo Bennett.

Thanks for helping me with the NWO stuff. When I get a stamp or something I'll post it here so it makes your guestbook look better
W1W2E3 stato
Sep 18, 06 3:02am
Thanks for signing my G-book, glad you liked your collection, have a Hardy stamp

westy_1990 stato
Jun 07, 06 10:32pm
Just noticed that you are a fan of the great Alan Shearer.
Just letting you know that i am as well, he was and still is the greatest player to ever grace the St James' Park pitch. PM me if you want to talk.

See you Around
Paineh stato
Jul 06, 05 6:10pm
seen ya on the fifa forum sticking up 4 sweeney with me and co so i thoguht id sign ur gb out of kindness