Just thought i would sign your g book as i haven't signed it in a while.

Well you stamped me like a year ago...

Enjoy the Chuck
You're now ledgendary.... God I really hate that 125 chaacter minimum.

Sign back for my name is
Alrite mate?

It's been a long time since I've done this, hehe. So I thought I'd better do it again...

Here's my new stamp:

Please Return the Favour!

Talk to you soon mate...
The Rock 13's on a signing spreem go on, go on ! Enjoy the stamp !

Hardy rules !

I sign it before but i didn't have a stamp so heres one.

Hope you enjoy it.
im liken the diary its cool and very intresting im given u a 7.5/10 in genral and westy a 8 lol but urs is good 2 cya around

My stamp sucks.

Don't even know why I'm stamping it...
Hope to see you around the forums.

Merry Crimbo And A Happy New Year


Just thought i'd sign your g.book with my new stamp:

PM me to tell me what you think.
heard you were a shearer fan so i thought i'd make the effort to sign your g.book lol,
sign mine also please,
would have stamped this but i dont know how/where to get stamps!,
PM me anytime,
later dude
Yo Bennett.

Thanks for helping me with the NWO stuff. When I get a stamp or something I'll post it here so it makes your guestbook look better
Thanks for signing my G-book, glad you liked your collection, have a Hardy stamp

Just noticed that you are a fan of the great Alan Shearer.
Just letting you know that i am as well, he was and still is the greatest player to ever grace the St James' Park pitch. PM me if you want to talk.

See you Around
seen ya on the fifa forum sticking up 4 sweeney with me and co so i thoguht id sign ur gb out of kindness