KingCTTR starwarsmaster
Oct 01, 06 11:48pm
Yo bro XD. Still can't belive how many CTTR records you hold. Your tons better than me but I consider you the 3rd best player.
Raceman55 starwarsmaster
May 19, 06 4:50am
Hello ol' arch nemises on the Spyro forums. I haven't seen you in a very long time. Anyway, here's a guestbook sign. I have no picture, because I do not know how. People are dying to have you back. *dead body lands on Raceman* Yuck! I am also now a member.
DDR_Maniac starwarsmaster
Mar 05, 06 3:48am
hey starwarsmaster i'm new to the forums! You really should go back neoseeker, you're awsome!!! Please come back!!!!!
hi, iz just me! just thout id (finally) sign ya book.sory it took me sooo long, i kept forgettin. by da way im a big spyro fan u prob. know...

DAM! i forgot da thing 4 my stamp! SOZ
Chrome starwarsmaster
Dec 23, 05 9:43pm
Im returning the favour of signing my guestbook THREE times, and thanks for the signs! You still like Spyro? I got fed up with it already

So little time starwarsmaster
Nov 08, 05 7:36pm
*sings*Im signing im signing im bored im bored your guest books near empty so im signing im signing

Now I just need a stamp. Ok then here you go.*runs*

Please sign back
SpyroFan starwarsmaster
Oct 08, 05 9:31pm
I just stopped by to sign you're guestbook!

raymanmaster starwarsmaster
Sep 29, 05 9:46pm
just coming by to say that raymanmaster has signed your guest book
please sign back


p.s gba cttr out on 11/11/05
Chrome starwarsmaster
Sep 29, 05 12:45pm
Hi, im on a signing spree so I might as well just sign you! Hre's a stamp.

Signed bt,
Chrome starwarsmaster
Aug 24, 05 8:40pm
Yo mr starwarsmaster, I see him in Spyro forums and just dropped by to say hi. HI!!!!!!

Signed by,
(Steven Teoh)