GrEyCrEsT stargirl
Apr 06, 09 1:46pm

Saw you on anime forum. So here yah go
Gothick Girl stargirl
Oct 20, 08 2:43am
Hey saw you was giving credit to me and thought i should sign your gust book thanks 4 the credit you can sign mine if u like.

c'ya around

Gothick girl =]
archieboy stargirl
Jun 27, 08 10:34pm
hi can we be freinds so stampy like my stamp i wanna get a new one soon
fourstarhunter stargirl
Jun 23, 08 12:36pm
im fourstarhunter.
well, hi.

if you have any questions about games or anything, feel free to ask me. you'd be suprised how much i know.

Seymroth stargirl
Mar 12, 08 11:53am
Well, i saw u on the LOTR forum, so i signed.
If u ever need help with KH or LOTR (OR Golden sun) just holler, and i'll come running!
Captain Basche stargirl
Feb 18, 08 4:29am
Hi,just noticed you on the Kingdom Hearts forum; that game rules!

Very cool profile profile,you sound pretty friendly.=)

Sorry I haven't stamped you,I haven't a clue how to do it though. X_X

Take care,
Captain Basch
wigthers 2000 stargirl
Feb 15, 08 8:18am
Hello Keziah. Me again. Of course you know, it is Valentine's day. So, I have something for you on this day.

Well Keziah, I hope you have a nice Valentine's day.
Ultidragum stargirl
Jan 26, 08 3:05am
Hi seen you around the kingdom hearts forum so thought id sign your guestbook. If you ever need help just PM me and il be happy to help. Enjoy kingdom hearts and il see you around.
Mastix stargirl
Dec 05, 07 1:42pm
I created your stamp a while ago, but never signed your gb. Better late than never!

xporic stargirl
Aug 19, 07 6:45pm
Seen you around the Anime forum
Thought i'd sign your guestbook.
So here you go.

Please sign back, if you have the time.
wigthers 2000 stargirl
Jun 22, 07 10:18am
Hello. I am Wigthers 2000. I have seen you around the anime forum. I hang around there soemtimes (although, I am not a huge anime fan, but I like some anime). I would also like to give this to you as a memento.

Well, I hope you like my stamp, and hope to hear from you.
blood_bath stargirl
Jun 04, 07 10:43pm
Hi m8 i am new too! i used to play a lot of poke but i stopped it for a while...but when i got the fire red i liked it so much i decided to start again!

hope u succeeed(oops) in everything u do!

InuFreak stargirl
May 12, 07 11:09pm
Hi, I'm InuFreak. I just got on Neoseeker and I'm trying to make new friends online. I really like your banner. It's really cool. Anyways, I just wanted to say hi.
Mrblikey stargirl
Apr 22, 07 8:24pm
Hi Newbie, If You Want Advice ask me, im adding you to my friends as well XD

Here, You Deserve A Stamp That Was Pre-Released Yesterday.

Catlover4761025 stargirl
Apr 18, 07 7:05am
Hi, thanks for signing my guestbook meow!
I have two kitties: Fluffy and Little Bit. I guess you bought Yoshi's Island instead of Super Princess Peach. You want to be neofriends? See ya around the forums!
little kitty kat stargirl
Apr 11, 07 3:58am
hey stargirl! sup? i'm doing fine but i'm in stupid computers class ;P i don't like my teacher, but then again who does? ok well figured i'd sign , so buh bye!!!!!
Bartuca stargirl
Apr 11, 07 3:31am
i like pie do you? well heres my sig hope you like it =)
Spyro stargirl
Apr 05, 07 8:00am
Hey, thanks for signing my guestbook. Want to be neofriends? Please?

See you around!