simple girl who loves the element fire.


Yoshi Egg: very kind. told me to buy yoshi's island. good thing he told me!

sPYRO23: like yoshi egg, told me to buy yoshi's island. also helps me in the game. now we're friends!

gothic girl: very kind. she made my banner!

greatbwfc: is currently helping me with the legendary dogs. he's very helpfull, to be honest!

growlitheking: helped me with pokemon FireRed. he's very nice too. thank you growlitheking!

little kitty kat: she's a very nice girl. helped me with lots of things. thanks for everything!

ProfessorMaple: a very good friend of mine. like everyone else, helped me in

SnoopyMaster: she's very very friendly. her name is samantha-i think everyone knows

Ninetales_team: she's very sound. we both like the same anime which is soo cool!

Archieboy: archieboy loves cookiez. me too!!

Fourstarhunter: first on my list when it comes to asking for help with games :D


i'm addicted to tsubasa reservoir chronicle. i love the story so much. i also like cardcaptor sakura. hmm... what else do i love? ooh! ouran high school host club! and and alice academy! and and shugo chara! i love em!!

i heart natsume and ikuto! *faint*

i wanna be your friend so add me up! :]
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