I have a shiny event Charizard that I'm putting up for trade, complete with Charizardite Y, it's UT and I'm looki

Need one of these for its HA unless someone can get me a Drillbur/Excadrill with its HA, my FC, IGN and friend safari info ar

I have a level 1 UT uncloned shiny Froakie with 5iv - Special Defense, timid nature and Torrent ability, looking for other le

Having just received the Shiny Charm, I thought I'd do not one, but two giiveaways: Phione The first giveaway is a Le

I have these Mega Stones for trade: Absolite Pinsirite Kangaskhanite Gyaradosite Gardevoirite Medichamite Ampharosite

What I have is in the title, IV spread is 31/31/31/31/0/31 looking for offers, I have all legends registered in my Dex, have

I have a question about egg move breeding: if a Pokemon were to forget an egg move, would it still pass it on. For instanc

I need someone to trade my Slowpoke into a Slowking, can anybody help me out? My FC and ign are in my sig

I have these shiny Pokemon, all KB unless otherwise stated, I only obtained Poliwag, Skitty and Staryu myself and the Staryu

Okay so the Pokemon I have, I have received from Wonder Trade and I have no interest in competitive battling so here they are

What types and styles of Legendary Pokemon do you want to see in the next generation? For me personally I would like to se

What are some of the best Wonder Trades so far? For me personally, i have received a Regirock, 5iv level 1 Rotom and a 6iv le

I have a level 1 Phione, nothing special, unsure of IVs and have no way of checking, looking for one of: Manaphy Yvetal Ky

What's the easiest way of checking a Pokemon's IVs? I don't have access to lots of rare candies and I haven't

My FC is in my sig and I wanted to know the type of friend safari I have and the pokemon in it, I haven't completed the g

I just connected to the internet, I think the server is back up

I have a level 1 Japanese Froakie of a timid nature and was wondering if anyone wanted it, for this I am looking for any star

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