Hillo, stab, or should I say hax!ng Matt!


Dream Land ftw.=]

Ami`rite Matt?;D
Signing back. Lol, I'm late aren't I?

You've been a BIG help on my Marth guide, so thanks. Thanks for the compliment as well.

I don't have a stamp so... yeah.

heyy thought id sing your guestbook soo... Heres Tifa!

Hey Stab, hows it going? Just thought I'd sign this here book o' guests...so umm yeah..thats about it..

Sign back if you want to =I
Ur user name is funny!!So I thought I'd sign your guest book!LOL
I ate the empanadas so looks like you get my corrupted stamp.

Spreading the corruption, one guestbook at a time.

Here ya go Stab! I would give you cookies but here is marth instead! Enjoy!

~Keep Kool

Im not a guild hopper you nubcake!

Just bored.
Have a good day!
Thank chuu for signin' mah guestbook! :blinkeyes: <--- It's the seizure smiley, lulz! XD

Yeah, I know you from the Brawl GD as well--nice chattin' with you there. =D

And you are brave enough to poke the penguin of doom indeed. It's a very dangerous thing to do. D:

Stampage time, yo:

Hope to see you around more--and feel free to PM me anytime to chat or whatnot.

~ Laurel

Signed by none other than the TRUE yoshi king
Thank you for signing my guestbook. I love the stamp. I love Gundam!!!! Minda and I are doing great. I think we are bonding more then ever. Don't worry. In the near future, you will get another rank up.

FIRST POST BABY! andyways, heres my stamp. Write back soon!