SonicFire stabbedbyahippie
Sep 9, 08 3:48am

Hillo, stab, or should I say hax!ng Matt!


Dream Land ftw.=]

Ami`rite Matt?;D
Razentsu stabbedbyahippie
Aug 17, 08 8:40pm
Signing back. Lol, I'm late aren't I?

You've been a BIG help on my Marth guide, so thanks. Thanks for the compliment as well.

I don't have a stamp so... yeah.

Yrpsrk stabbedbyahippie
Jul 23, 08 6:15am
heyy thought id sing your guestbook soo... Heres Tifa!

KirbyHyrule stabbedbyahippie
Jul 23, 08 2:59am
Hey Stab, hows it going? Just thought I'd sign this here book o' umm yeah..thats about it..

Sign back if you want to =I
Ur user name is funny!!So I thought I'd sign your guest book!LOL
Sc0rpius stabbedbyahippie
Jul 10, 08 11:54pm
I ate the empanadas so looks like you get my corrupted stamp.

Spreading the corruption, one guestbook at a time.

Petdiams stabbedbyahippie
Jun 19, 08 9:15pm
Here ya go Stab! I would give you cookies but here is marth instead! Enjoy!

~Keep Kool
Ragnell stabbedbyahippie
Jun 14, 08 9:12pm

Im not a guild hopper you nubcake!

Just bored.
Have a good day!
Skaterstar57 stabbedbyahippie
Jun 6, 08 5:45am
Thank chuu for signin' mah guestbook! :blinkeyes: <--- It's the seizure smiley, lulz! XD

Yeah, I know you from the Brawl GD as well--nice chattin' with you there. =D

And you are brave enough to poke the penguin of doom indeed. It's a very dangerous thing to do. D:

Stampage time, yo:

Hope to see you around more--and feel free to PM me anytime to chat or whatnot.

~ Laurel
Dragoshi1 stabbedbyahippie
Jun 5, 08 11:20pm

Signed by none other than the TRUE yoshi king
Sc0rpius stabbedbyahippie
Jun 5, 08 10:03am
Thank you for signing my guestbook. I love the stamp. I love Gundam!!!! Minda and I are doing great. I think we are bonding more then ever. Don't worry. In the near future, you will get another rank up.

Footballmania stabbedbyahippie
May 17, 08 5:35am
FIRST POST BABY! andyways, heres my stamp. Write back soon!