st3althiliz3r here
as a hardcore gamer i've learned that stealth games are my expertise even though i am also an expert at most other games as well
all i really have to say to all of you online gamers though is just this --- SEE YOU ON THE BATTLEFIELD


My interests vary and consist of a large variety of video games, movies, anime, women, hentai, and also tech gadgets along with music and the general pop, jpop, rock, and rap culture.
I also enjoy reading a good book occasionally especially if its a manga novel but I mostly stick to game and anime magazines. My favorite games of all time are listed below.


FAVORITE GAME-1. Metal Gear Solid
2. Metal Gear Solid 2
3. Kingdom Hearts
4. Ninja Gaiden
5. Final Fantasy X
6. Halo
7. Star Wars:KOTOR
8. PGR 2
9. Crimson Skies
10. Counter-Strike

When it comes to the evergrowing Tech world I love everything that there is to it. I enjoy many tech gadgets such as gamer cell phones like the Nokia NGAGE QD, and the PSP that is coming out, and the Nintendo DS along with the PSX, PS3, and the XBOXNEXT. I love watching G4TechTV. Technology is the future and I am loving every bit of it...


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