Vegetazoid ss2trunks
Aug 03, 08 3:46pm
Hey ss2trunks! Heres a stamp by the almighty prince!

Take care!
Naughty_Shorty ss2trunks
Oct 06, 07 9:00am
Yo mann!
Thought I would drop by and leave my stamp.

Yes, it's cool, I know =P
Well, catcha later!
Naughty_Shorty ss2trunks
Jul 06, 07 8:56am
Hey man,
Thanks for signing and creating my banner and avatar. They are awesome! I'll keep them stored away and i'll use them soon.
Heres my stamp:

Thanks again for the banner and avatar!
P.S PM me if you want be Neofriends
Dragonfist ss2trunks
Mar 25, 05 3:15am
Thanks a lot for the banner,dude. It's AWESOME! You make great banners. Thanks again. Sign back whenever you can.
Ultra Vegeta ss2trunks
Dec 12, 04 4:02am

Thanx for the banner dude.It looks awesome.By the way you don't have to animate the avatar anyway if you want to do it.Sign back.
DQ Maniac ss2trunks
Oct 22, 04 2:42pm
half_a_pint ss2trunks
Oct 01, 04 3:57pm
HI! Glad ya like the ava and Banner I made for you! NEWAY! Welcome to NeoSeeker, if you need anyhelp with anything, feel free to ask me!