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Aug 05, 11 1:01am

Writeing a book.. or two.. or a whole f 'in series

It's summer vaca and I've already done awsome stuff at the beginning. I don't want to sleep till 3 or even 5 pm and say when I go back to school that I did not a lot. So I've finnaly started to write (more like type) the first book in my new book series.
I have been planning this for a LONG time so what better time to start when I have all the time in the world during summer?
I have already(some what) planned the second and third series. (yes I plan that far a head)
I'm not sure what the series name will be(I'll do that when I'm done the third book) but I do know the first book will most likely be called Ruined (You know from the tittle that the main character will have some thing bad happen to HER). And yes the main character is a GIRL. I figuered it would be easier to write form a girl's P.O.V.
I would just LOVE to get into detail about the series( more likely first book) but there are a lot of A holes out there that would love to write(more like steal) this idea for a story but I will give you a few spoliers.

1)The main character's father will get killed in the prologue.
2)The main character will get married(or proposed to) at the end of the series(in the sixth book)
3)The main character will find her true love in the first book.
4)The main character start off in the book(prologue) at the age of 18 then at the end of the series will be 22.

Sorry but that is all. I'll tell you all when I'm on the second book.



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