Ive got: Yveltal: level 50 Quirkay Nature Timer ball SPAIN Xerneas: level69 Hasty nature Duskball Shiny Houndoo

I have both legendaries Yveltal: Lvl 50 Quirky nature Ability: Dark Aura Xerneas: Lvl 69 Hasty nature Ability: fair

I have: Shiny Rayquaza Shiny Eevee Shiny Mew Shiny Giratina (levitate) Shiny Giratina Shiny Dragonite Shiny Suicune S

I would love to trade some of my Shiny legends and non shiny legends and others for a SHINY HOUNDOUR Here are the list of

I have: Shiny Rayquaza Shiny Eevee Shiny Mew Shiny Darkrai Shiny Dialga Jirachi Shaymin Giratina Arceus Kyurem Fee

@Kal Mage@ Hey Kal can we do trade now? done with my exams.. Dont know how to get your attention. The cloning thread is cl

Ever since trailers of the new pokemon x and y was all over the youtube ive been having a hard time choosing. So i made this

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