Thanks for signing my guestbook and helping me reach 10 pages!
November 7. It's coming...

~no really......
Hey dude, thanks for signing my g-book, like the link says, im signing yours

(i gotta have the guy who made it for me change the "being" to "been")

Here is a interesting little fact....

[color=blue]Stay cool man!
Peace Out!
How are you doing, Spitt? I must say I like your avatar and I hope you keep posting around. See you around sometime. Later.

Hi, as requested here i am signing your guestbook, your sig and av set look great together! (thanks to me, lol)

Anywho, could ya sign mine as this is a new account of mine and i aint got any yet, im hoping to beat my old account's record of about 300 signings

Hey Spitt, I see your pretty active around the WWE forums, I like your Avatar, it's awesome.
Hope to see you around the WWE Raw 2 forum again.
Eagle Eye.
The OFFICIAL boxart for WWE Smackdown! Versus Raw!!!

Teh Ghettoness
I seen you around da forums so i thought I'd stop in and say hi.

The V1 guns? weird huh?
u seem cool thought i'd sign your GB anyway im really exited about the new smackdown game commin out. Ive seen some of your posts and i agree with you
Yo dude. You asked me to sign your guestbook so I thought I may as well. Hope to continue to see you in the Dor and Raw 2 forum, and hopefully in the Wrestlemania XXI forum when they create. Should be cool.

Hey I just came back to Neo and have seen you around. Ur really cool and I hope to see you around some more. Return the favor and sign my guestbook. Thanks.
Hey Spittfire120 well ur a good friend and you and I both like Randy Orton and Bastisa so keep it real dude and return the favor and sign my guestbook please.
Hey spittfire120! Thanks for signing my G-Book man. So I'll return the favour and sign yours. See ya around the forums!

Stupid image host said I exceded my bandwidth so I'm re-stamping you. That's 3 times I've signed your guestbook now...

u rule, cos we both like HBK!!

thankx for signing my g-book, i'm returning the favour and just stopping to say wassup??

hey spitt thought id sign back, maybe you would check my g book since you made a mistake

Hey man I see you in the SD vs Raw and wrestling forum quite often so thats why I am signing your Gbook!

P.S: I also like how you spitt everytime you reply to a thread

Yo Spit, thanks for signing my guestbook, and you're welcome for the banner. You're a cool person, so here's a special stamp:

~Eugene Rulz~
Randy Orton is more than just the bomb and best young superstar/wrestler alive he is the best dam Intercontinental Champion ever! Edge disgraces the title by taking it away from a true legend in the making edge will pay though cause NO-ONE MESSES WITH EVOLUTION!!

Whenever you need another banner or another avatar just ask me and I'll be happy to make one. You make some good points in the forums. I'll see you around.

sup dude here i am signing your guest book. i have a couple things to tell you.

Snooch to the Nooch

Adam Carolla and Howard Stern rule!!!

do not ask for whom the bell toll, for the bell tolls for the!!!

well later dude see you on the flip side G
Hey whats up? Got your pm and decided to sign your guestbook.So your guestbook has been signed by The Psycho, Psycho Bob. So return the favor and sign mine.
Your much more than spit man! Good well thought posts, im glad there are people who think before posting. Well keep posting and stay healthy!

[img]Insert snazzy pic of something[/img]
Hey, I've seen you in the WWE RAW 2 forum, and you seem pretty cool. Also, HBK rocks! Take care man.

Bah, stupid minimum character length. What shall I fill this up with? Jeez, this would be so much easier if I had a stamp. Those take up a hell of a lot of space. Lets see if it works now.